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Have you noticed your quality of life has decreased due to a certain condition, pain, or an auto injury? Regardless of what you're dealing with, everyone deserves to live a full, healthy lifestyle. However, due to age, situations, or strenuous activities due to our career, sometimes we develop conditions that put our health at risk. These conditions can vary from cognitive decline, spine injuries, autoimmune diseases, or psychological disorders.

No one has to learn how to cope with an ailment that intervenes with one's personal and occupational life. Instead, one should seek care from a health professional or a licensed chiropractor located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. By following their guidance, patients can kick-start their journey towards a better life and a healthier lifestyle. Eventually, following the right regimens will provide relief from the negative symptoms of their illness.

In order to properly seek the proper care needed for relief, it's essential that one has someone to rely on to guide them in the right direction. Luckily, there are practitioners and licensed chiropractors local to Fort Mill that are willing to help you. That's what we're here for!


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If you're tired of dealing with a prolonged condition and interested in learning more about relief options, Pathway to Wellness prides itself with helping our patients return to a happy and comfortable life. We deal with patients who suffer from a plethora of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, spinal injuries and pain, auto injuries, digestive issues, PTSD, cognitive function, and many more. In addition, we provide a variety of testing methods to help determine the best remedy options for each individual patient.

Based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Dr. Rick Hellmann has extensive experience in handling different conditions and listens to each patients' questions and concerns regarding the future of their health. New patients will need to inform our staff of their medical background, current or previous medications, allergies, and many more to help determine the most optimal solutions.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hellmann or our professional staff, contact our office or select the button above, and we'll happily assist you on your pathway to wellness.

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