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Do I Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Do you constantly struggle with bloating, cramps, flatulence, abdominal pains, or food sensitivities? Along with frequent digestive problems, have you dealt with periods of brain fog, mood swings, or hormonal imbalances? Do you often feel at odds with your healthcare professional because they can't diagnose your condition and continue to prescribe conventional medications that don’t ever provide relief or a solution? These situations can cause frustration and even induce mental stress and anxiety.

If you can relate to any of the above, there is a high possibility that you may have Leaky Gut Syndrome. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome, it’s because most conventional healthcare professionals don’t recognize it as a diagnosable condition, but rather a theory that an impaired intestinal barrier can allow toxins into your bloodstream and induce an inflammatory response.

Conventional doctors view the body as a group of different systems, whereas functional medicine doctors view the body as a system that works together as a unit. Therefore, most licensed medical professionals may recognize this as a condition that can be treated.

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Do I Have Leaky Gut Treatment Options?

We all have guts that are semi-permeable. Permeability describes the intestine’s mucous lining that absorbs nutrients and water from the bloodstream. However, Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when one has an increased intestinal permeability (or hyperpermeability), thus allowing more bacteria, toxins, and water to pass through the lining and into the system.

While a visit to your practitioner may not provide much improvement or progress, there are several leaky gut treatment options that you may consider for symptom relief. Seeking official diagnosis and advice from a licensed functional medicine doctor or digestive health specialist can help decide the proper remedies. Thankfully, a quick visit to Fort Mill, South Carolina may provide answers to your leaky gut problems.

Pathway to Wellness Has A Team of Digestive Health Specialists

Located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Pathway to Wellness has a team of licensed specialists who understand Leaky Gut Syndrome and can provide the necessary remedies and treatment options.

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Rick Hellman has provided healing methods for patients with digestive issues and Leaky Gut Syndrome. These methods have helped patients recover, improve, and eventually return to an improved quality of life. In addition, patients learned more about the root cause of their condition, thus making it easier for them to combat it and prevent it in the future.

Patients can schedule their first consultation, immediately discuss their symptoms, and be further analyzed with diagnostic testing. From there, they’ll be able to take the first step to understand how to regulate their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

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Find Your Pathway to a Healthier Lifestyle

Patients visit our Fort Mill office from all over and come with the same intent: to live a healthier lifestyle.

At Pathway to Wellness, our team strives to discover the root cause of every patient we analyze to provide the most optimal treatment regimens. We feel a sense of pride and purpose in seeing our patients achieve their health goals, and we want all patients to feel heard and understood while seeking the best treatment methods.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome and seeking answers towards wellness, contact our Fort Mill office to schedule an appointment with our team.

Dr. Hellmann is awesome. Within just a couple days I could see an improvement with my digestive issues. Three weeks in and I feel better than I have in a very long time. Kelly and Corie provide so much support to help you along the way. Such a great experience!

- Jennifer H.

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