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Handle Your Spine Pain

Do you find yourself sitting or standing for long periods of time? Does your occupation involve a lot of physical labor that has taken a toll on your body and spine? Or maybe your body is changing with age and you've lost flexibility. 

Regardless of what you're dealing with, spine pain is never fun to tolerate. As a matter of fact, conditions revolving the spine can interfere with our daily lives. For some, the pain can become so severe that they are no longer able to work or perform normal daily tasks or exercises. 

For those who deal with these conditions, they don't need to learn to suffer with spine pain. Instead, there are ways to relieve the symptoms. One way is with spinal corrective exercises. 

Man Holding Hurting Lower Back In Need of Spinal Corrective Exercises in Fort Mill South Carolina
Chiropractor Guiding Fort Mill SC Woman in Doing Spinal Corrective Exercises

What Are Spinal Corrective Exercises?

To combat certain back pain or symptoms of spinal conditions, spinal corrective exercises are used to strengthen and "correct" their issues. These exercises can vary from stretching, bending, and exercises that primarily focus on the back.

This method of treatment can assist in relaxing muscles, retaining balance, improve alignment, and relieve symptoms of spinal conditions. However, before patients attempt spinal corrective exercises, it's encouraged that they be checked by a professional to determine whether or not this method is a safe option for them to pursue.

Our Chiropractor Can Assist With Spinal Corrective Exercises

If recommended by your practitioner, Pathway to Wellness in Fort Mill, South Carolina provides spinal corrective exercises that target certain spinal conditions. As a clinic, we aim to listen to our patients' symptoms and customize a regimen method that works for them. Prior to the patient's first exercise, we often check to ensure that they don't suffer from any chronic spine condition such as osteoporosis, herniated disks, or other spinal injury.

In our experience, spinal corrective exercises has benefitted many of our patients and helped them regain their mobility. As a result, many of them were able to perform normal daily tasks such as walking or running.

Patients who work in physical labor positions have been able to return to work and tolerate it with their symptoms greatly improved.

Board of Chiropractor Certificate of Doctor Offering Spinal Corrective Exercises in Fort Mill SC
Lady Doing Spinal Corrective Exercises in a Park in Fort Mill South Carolina

Improve Your Mobility

Spinal corrective exercises can provide many benefits to those who suffer from constant spine and muscle pain. Depending on how many exercises the patient may need, this treatment method can greatly improve mobility and relieve symptoms.

When patients come to us with spinal issues, we'll listen intently to their symptoms and possibly conduct some tests prior to customizing their treatment. Once this is done, they'll be able to take the first step towards accomplishing their health goals, improving their mobility, and relieving their symptoms.

If you suffer from spinal issues and want to learn more about spinal corrective exercises, schedule an appointment with our Fort Mill clinic, and we'll help to provide more information.

We love Dr. Hellman and his awesome staff!!! Dr. Hellman has helped me get my spine into proper alignment, and he’s also helped me learn how to eat in a healthy way after extensive testing of food sensitivities. I’ve lost 20 lbs and I feel great!

- Laurie Johnson

Spinal Corrective Exercises Fort Mill SC

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