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Enduring Chronic Spine Issues?

If they're physically active, perform intense physical labor for a job, are constantly sitting, or are elderly or middle-aged, it's not uncommon for people to experience back pain. The National Library of Medicine (NIH) describes back pain as "widespread in the adult population."

Whether it's due to inflammation, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, or a previous spinal injury, enduring chronic spine issues and back pain can cause disruption throughout daily life and eventually lower the quality of life.

However, no one has to deal with these negative symptoms. Those who are dealing with chronic spine issues are highly encouraged to seek a local spine doctor in Fort Mill for options and remedies.

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How Can I Relieve The Pain?

Spinal issues can occur due to numerous reasons. People who do physical labor such as lifting, standing, and walking much of the time are at high risk of permanent spinal injuries and back pain. In addition, those who suffer from car accidents or are prone to osteoporosis due to age are at risk of subsequent spine problems.

Regardless of your precise situation, it is possible to minimize symptoms of spine injuries and back pain. Some methods may require surgery, supplementation, massages, consuming anti-inflammatory foods, and more.

However, because spine issues can vary between every patient, you may be wondering what you can do to relieve your pain. Thankfully, with the right professionals in Fort Mill, the first step into your wellness journey is within reach.

Our Spine Doctors Can Provide Guidance

If you're tired of feeling restrained or bogged down due to constant spinal problems, you don't have to live this way. Our spine doctors at Pathway to Wellness have extensive experience in relieving numerous patients with their back pain.

Patients that come to us for back pain issues may be tested and analyzed for a diagnosis in order for our knowledgeable staff to produce the most optimal options. All of our equipment, testing tools, and supplements stay up-to-date in order to provide our patients recovery results.

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Live Life To The Fullest

Can you imagine what life would be like without constant spine issues interfering with it? With guidance from our professionals and spine doctors, this could become a reality.

Being able to perform physical tasks such as walking, shopping, outdoor activities, and socializing without the burden of back pain induces feelings of relief and peace. Patients that follow regimens towards their “pathway to wellness” may be able to finally live life to the fullest.

If you're enduring spine issues and in need of answers from professionals local to Fort Mill, contact our spine doctors to schedule an appointment and we'll provide guidance on your journey to wellness.

I am so thankful for the attention and caring I received by Doctor Rick, and his staff.

Let me tell you a bit about what brought me here.

I am a true survivor of a serious back injury I suffered on christmas day of 2023 when I twisted my back.

After going in and out of ER and being treated for severe pain on my spine due to the incident, I was told that the only solution for the pain was to have a surgery.

I was very scared to say the least, I was not able to walk without having this intense and sharp pain on my back and not able to sit for too long, forget about driving. My lifestyle change from that day from been a very active person to stay home wondering about my future.

One day Rick came across my path I read and learned about his alternative treatment to dicompressed the spine and met him at his office where he evaluated my condition and immediately started my treatment plan back on February 2 of 2024.

I followed every session since that day and today I and walking pain free and back to my normal life. I still have a few more sessions left to attend and feeling great every day.

Thank you Rick. I will recommend this treatment is absolutely.

- Miguel V.

Spine Doctor Fort Mill SC

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