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Your Thought-Processing Has Changed

Have you noticed a change in your thought processing? Maybe you've recognized that a loved one struggles to remember simple things. Our brains are an important key factor in everything that happens within our bodies. It controls the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and our behaviors. Therefore, a change in thought processing can signify many things, such as inflammation, anxiety disorders, COVID-19 brain fog, or cancer.

However, cognitive decline can also be an early symptom of chronic neurodegenerative conditions such as the various forms of dementia (Alzheimer's, Lewy Body disease, Parkinson's disease, vascular dementia, etc.) Additionally, certain prescribed long-term medications can also cause cognitive decline in patients.

While dealing with cognitive impairment can be frustrating, no one has to suffer through the symptoms. There are various ways to seek relief.

Fort Mill Teen Forgetting Something While on the Phone In Need of Cognitive Decline Treatment
Skull X-ray of Man in Need of Cognitive Decline Treatment in Fort Mill South Carolina

How Can I Improve My Cognitive Abilities?

While certain chronic diseases still have no definite cure, the progression of cognitive decline can be slowed, especially for those with early symptoms of chronic illnesses. Seek answers from a professional who understands functional brain health and can analyze your medical history, symptoms, and brain function and discover the root cause of your cognitive decline. Only after the root cause is discovered can an effective healing protocol be suggested, thus helping the patient improve their cognitive abilities and quality of life.

These restorative methods include cutting-edge testing, brain function analysis, Microcurrent Neurofeedback, targeted supplementation, and brain nutrition in an easy-to-follow program.

Treatment methods can vary from supplementation, anti-inflammatory diets, MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCN), and many more.

We Have Options That You Can Try

With our cutting-edge equipment, the most modern functional lab testing and diagnostics, specialized staff, and targeted protocols, Pathway to Wellness can assist in improving your brain health and quality of life.

Patients that contact us to treat their cognitive decline issues will be evaluated to determine the root cause of their condition and symptoms. Once that is discovered, we'll customize necessary remedies based on the information provided as a cognitive decline treatment plan.

Through the journey, you may notice a significant improvement in your cognitive abilities and eventually return to your normal life.

Laptop Showing Tests Part of Cognitive Decline Treatment Plan for a Patient in Fort Mill SC
Fort Mill Woman Reading Books After Cognitive Decline Treatment

Strengthen Your Cognition

We all have aging brains. Some of our brains are degenerating at a faster pace, mostly because they don’t know what to do or where to go for answers. With a proper analysis and brain health protocol one can get back on the right pathway to a brighter present and future. While no treatment can guarantee a complete cure, that doesn't mean that one can't decrease the progression of the disease.

Over the years, many cognitive decline patients have reported success by utilizing our brain health methods.

If you or a loved one are suffering from cognitive decline and searching for an answer in Fort Mill SC/Charlotte area, schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff and we’ll begin the journey towards cognitive improvement and wellness.

What Patients Say:

Absolutely love this place!! They have changed my life in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. Thanks Dr. Hellmann, Kelly and Corie!!!

- Barbara Burngasser

Cognitive Decline Treatment Fort Mill SC

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