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Tired of Conventional Methods of Treatment?

Are you tired of never feeling like your best self? Do regimens such as antibiotics, surgeries, or bottles of different drugs cause more negative side effects than relief? While conventional treatments may work for some, these methods are not for everyone.

Conventional medicine is a type of medical system in which healthcare professionals may treat symptoms, viruses, and diseases with chemically created drugs (such as chemotherapy or antibiotics) and invasive procedures (such as radiation or surgery). Patients that don’t care for these techniques may seek symptom relief with a functional medicine doctor.

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Pathway to Wellness, One of the Best Functional Medicine Doctors in Fort Mill SC

What is a Functional Medicine Doctor?

Unlike conventional medical doctors, who attempt to relieve a condition's symptoms, a functional medicine doctor is determined to find out the proper regimens to treat the root cause of your health condition. As a result, one’s negative symptoms will gradually decrease. In addition, a functional medicine doctor will utilize holistic or alternative methods towards healing such as chiropractic care, a healthy diet, and supplementation.

You'll need to schedule a consultation with a functional medicine doctor to discuss medical history, current or previous medications, allergies, or other conditions to analyze their all-around health. From there, they’ll be able to construct the best treatment regimen based on your symptoms and health.

Are you in need of a functional medicine doctor local to Fort Mill or Charlotte, South Carolina? Thankfully, there's one that isn't far away.

Consult With Our Functional Medicine Team

With an office location in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Pathway to Wellness has an experienced team to assist patients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle utilizing holistic resources.

Since our inception, we’ve focused on relieving a variety of conditions such as insomnia, digestive issues, cognitive decline, spinal injuries, anxiety, and many more. In addition, our patients often report feeling an improvement or a sense of relief following their appointments and health plan.

Patients that consult with our professionals will be analyzed with a brief consultation and review of overall health before they determine the proper supplementation or remedy.

Dr. Rick Hellman, One of the Best Functional Medicine Doctors in Fort Mill South Carolina
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Discover a Healthier Lifestyle

Following your consultation with our functional medicine team, you’ll be provided a specific regimen to follow to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life.

Patients come from all areas of the United States to seek relief in our Fort Mill, South Carolina office. As a result, many have reported feeling better from their symptoms and are at peace knowing that they don’t need to rely on medications such as antibiotics or surgery to resolve the issue.

If you or a loved one are desperate for a better pathway to wellness, contact one of our functional medicine team in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and schedule an appointment today!

I have been coming to Pathway to Wellness (Dr. Rick Hellman) for over 5 years and the transformation in my health and well being is remarkable! His expertise, wisdom and genuine concern have benefited me in more ways than I could ever imagine. The service from all of the staff is consistently professional and positive. I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and variety of treatments offered. I always leave my appointments rejuvenated, energized and feeling great!

- Marlease H.

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