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Has your primary care doctor or OBGYN reported that you have normal lab results? Regardless, you know that there is something wrong because you continuously feel fatigued, have low energy, and are not 100% yourself. In addition, have you been offered birth control, antidepressants and sleeping medications, however deep down, you know there must be another approach?

Hormonal changes have a variety of symptoms that appear differently in people. If you’re a woman and have experienced unexplained weight gain, hot flashes, mood changes, insomnia, fatigue, excessive hair loss, painful intercourse, a low sex drive, brain fog, depression, and anxiety before and during the beginning of your menstrual cycle, then it's likely that you're experiencing hormonal changes.

Alternatively, if you are a man and have suddenly gained weight that's difficult to lose, or you suddenly feel continuous pain or exhaustion, and a decrease in sex drive, it's time to be evaluated and tested properly.

Fort Mill Teen Experiencing Hormonal Imbalances In Need of Hormone Testing
Doctor Looking at Hormone Testing Samples in Fort Mill SC Clinic

What Is Holistic Hormone & Evaluation Testing?

Hormones are your body’s messengers that are responding to a message. If you can relate to any of these situations, then your testing and evaluation experiences has been incomplete.

Hormone testing is an extensive process, and unfortunately, most people are offered conventional medications such as birth control, hormone therapy, and antidepressants to treat their symptoms. However, this does not relieve stress hormones, inflammation, or rid your body of toxins.

For women, emotional stressors can be increased due to numerous reasons. The development through childhood and adolescence or strenuous physical training in sports (such as dance or gymnastics), combined with the demand of school and decreased nutrition all lead to imbalances in hormone levels. Transitioning through one's teen years with imbalanced hormones may induce anxiety, depression, painful irregular menstrual cycles with heavy bleeding, cramping and acne.

Conventional treatment methods such as birth control or antidepressants don’t address the underlying root cause of hormonal imbalances. Additionally, these may even increase one's risks of autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's or other thyroid problems.

Our Clinic Provides Holistic Hormone Evaluation Testing

Located in Fort Mill/Charlotte, South Carolina, Pathway to Wellness provides hormone testing designed to determine which hormones are out of balance and the triggers causing them. A full health history, consultation, clinical assessments, and testing recommendations (which include genetics, stress, sex hormones and all potential triggers) are part of our clinical assessment.

Not only will hormone testing help us to determine an official diagnosis, but it will help us to monitor and screen one's progression through their treatment process. Hormone testing typically involves blood samples, urine samples, and saliva samples.

These panels often provide us information on one's estrogen, testosterone, adrenal gland, and cortisol levels. Results will determine whether or not one is experiencing hormonal imbalances or experiencing symptoms of early thyroid issues.

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Hormone Testing Specialist Holding Results of Tests Performed in Fort Mill SC Clinic

Receive Answers On Your Health

After we receive your hormone test results, we'll provide clearer answers on your health and the changes that are occurring in your body. With those answers, we can construct a specific remedy plan for your condition.

As our patients follow their regimens, we'll continue to perform hormone testing to monitor their symptoms and conditions to ensure that there is progression. This could help improve the lives of our patients and their quality of life.

If you're experiencing hormonal changes and in need of hormone panel testing in Fort Mill/Charlotte, schedule an appointment with our staff and we'll assist in providing answers to your health conditions.

What Patients Say:

I came to Dr Hellman for help with my knee and my back and nutrition about why I can't loss weight. He tested me my hormones and thyroid were out of balance along with inflammation was my problem.My knee and back are all better and we are working on the rest. It takes time so at this moment I'm in process. I would and have recommended him to many friends. Dr Hellman has put all things together to get you well in the whole body.

- Sharon Vanopdorp

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