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Perimenopause/ Menopause

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Hormone Testing

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Digestive Issues

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Micro Current Neurofeedback

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Cognitive Decline

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Leaky Gut

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Functional Medicine

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Food Sensitivity

You Don't Feel Like Yourself

Feeling ill or sick is never fun, however most times we rely on our immune systems to fight off bacteria and inflammation. However, when we find that we don't feel like ourselves on a consistent basis, it can become concerning.

People can suffer from multiple conditions. While some may cope with symptoms, it could ruin the quality of life of others. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your quality of life, if given the opportunity. 

All one needs is the right wellness services in Fort Mill/Charlotte to learn what can be done to properly take care of themselves. 


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Learn About Your Wellness Solutions

Regardless of what you're dealing with, there's always a way to seek answers towards relief and wellness. In order to fully understand the options that work best for you, you'll need to learn more about your condition. One can do this by scheduling an appointment with their doctor or a practitioner at a clinic.

After discussing your medical history and undergoing tests, your practitioner will be able to determine the proper wellness services needed for your relief. A treatment regimen will be built and your progress will be tracked.


We Offer Wellness Services in Fort Mill

At Pathway to Wellness, we have provided a multitude of wellness services that have helped patients for many years. Located in Fort Mill/Charlotte, South Carolina, we've focused on relieving conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, cognitive decline, digestive issues, spinal injuries and many more.

Those who experience symptoms of any of the above, our clinic has knowledgeable staff to provide the proper wellness services and lead them back to a normal life. Over the years, many of our patients have succeeded in relieving their conditions and getting back on their feet.

However, the first step on one's path to wellness always begins with the patient and their desire to become healthy.


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Feel More Like Yourself Again

Many of our patients that once came into our clinic feeling down, left feeling better. At Pathway to Wellness, our goal is to focus on each patient's concerns and provide the proper wellness services to lead them to an improved quality of life.

When our patients achieve their health goals, we feel proud of their progression and invite them to share their success stories. Afterward, they're free to return to their daily life feeling brand new.

If you're in need of wellness services, or interested in learning more about our treatment options, schedule an appointment with our staff and we'll be happy to lead you on your path towards wellness.

The Wellness Way has been life changing for my health and well-being. They are different than others by assessing, testing and treating the whole self. After only a month and a half I have seen a great improvement in my overall health. I have an increased amount of energy and am beginning to do activities that I have not been able to do in a long time. I appreciate the time and effort with helping treat my underlying issues. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable and care a great deal about their patients. I am very grateful for the effort they have put in to help me improve my quality of life and my family is as well.

- Melissa Snodgrass

Wellness Services Fort Mill SC

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