Back to School Vaccinations: Know Your Rights

This back to school season, many parents are going to be receiving letters and messages from their area schools telling them that if their kids don’t have their vaccinations, they can’t go to school. It’s already started and for the most part it’s untrue. You need to do some investigating, so you aren’t bullied by an school administrator. They are a school administrator not a health expert. As a parent, you not only need to be armed with knowledge of the dangers of vaccines but also the vaccination rights in your state. What are your rights when it comes to vaccination?

Know Your Vaccination Rights

All states require vaccines for students, but ALL states have exemptions. That means you have options. While multiple states have pulled the philosophical exemption, in 18 states you have this option. That means it can be as easy as signing a form and sending your kids off to school. Simple and done. You can go out to to find out which states have philosophical exemptions. (1) Want to read the laws for your state? Visit the National Conference of State Legislatures where they have a handy list of each state and with links to the codes so you can show them the all the legal language. (2)

In all but 3 states, you have the option for a religious exemption. (1) (2) That means you check the box saying your religious beliefs prevent you from vaccinating your child. It’s not hard to get to that religious exemption. Are you against abortion? Many vaccines contain the cells of aborted fetuses. Want something a little more non-confrontational? I know some of you don’t want to be confrontational. (Don’t worry I will be confrontational for all of us) It can be as simple as saying the body wasn’t created for harmful chemicals to be put into. Sign the religious exemption and send your children to school.

Where Don’t You Want to Live?

Three states do not have the religious or philosophical exemption. Where don’t you want to live? California, Mississippi, and West Virginia are states that only have medical exemptions which means you have to find a doctor that understands the danger of vaccines for your child. This can be tough to find in a system that is trained that vaccines are the only option and not to question it. They oftentimes know less about vaccines than parents. It might even be easier to choose private school, to home school or even move to another state. It’s your choice to not vaccinate your child. To protect your child, you may have to make some hard decisions.

You have done the research and have come to a rational, science-based conclusion. If you feel pressured to vaccinate your child, just say no to vaccines. No guilt. If they pressure you more, tell them to shut up. They don’t own your child. They don’t own you. You have rights.

What are We Protecting Our Children From?

Massively poisonous vaccines- that’s what we are what we are protecting our children from. The most common adjuvants of vaccines include aluminum, formaldehyde, and fetal cells. (3) These don’t belong being injected in your child’s body. We are putting these poisonous vaccines in our children’s bodies at a  higher rate than ever! In 1983, the schedule of vaccines was 24 doses of 7 vaccines by age of 18. In 2017, it was 69 doses of 16 vaccines!  (4)

Get the ingredients list from the manufacturer! See what’s in the vaccines. Get the contraindications list from the manufacturer so you know the reasons to withhold this treatment. If you can look at those two lists and still think its ok to put vaccines in your child, all you are doing is putting your head in the sand. They are horrible. Remember, you don’t have to blindly put anything in your body or your child’s body!

Vaccines Are Harmful

It’s not just harmful. It’s not helpful. Do vaccines make your immune system normal? No, it skews your immune system. It doesn’t bring your body back to homeostasis, or balance. It causes an abnormal immune response that is damaging to the body. This leaves the body more susceptible to disease. Vaccinated children have higher rates of infections, allergies, brain cancer rates, and immune deficiency disorders. (5) Chronic inflammation from vaccines can lead to obesity or diabetes. (6)

They say there is no link for vaccines and autism but there is actually a huge link between vaccines and autism. (7) (8) (9) (10) Vaccines change the immune system causing inflammation. You get redness at the site of vaccination, right? That’s an inflammatory response. Wait, there’s more. Vaccines create a systemic inflammatory response, that’s throughout the body. Guess what? Vaccines cause inflammation which leads to inflammation in the brain and throughout the body which can lead to numerous conditions including autism. But the “experts” don’t correlate the two. Where do you think that inflammation mainly comes from? Vaccines cause inflammation and that’s one of the factors contributing to rising autism rates.

Pro-science and Protecting Your Child

Don’t feel pressured and remember it’s about the science. Pathway To Wellness is not anti-vaccine. It’s pro- science. When you look at the science behind vaccines you would never do it in your life, ever. People think that their feelings are science. No, they just have their head in the sand. The people with their head in the sand can be the most difficult to deal with.

Once you have done the investigation, you need to know what your vaccination rights are, so you can protect your child and yourself! Do not feel pressured by those who still have their heads in the sand. Now you know, in most states, they don’t have the right to force you to vaccinate for your child to attend public school.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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