5 Research Based Reasons To Avoid The Flu Shot!

The push for you, your children and elderly relatives getting a flu shot is in full swing, and if someone hasn’t tried to strong-arm you into getting a shot yet- don’t worry. They will.

Before you cave to the pressure, let me give you five great reasons to NOT get that flu shot.


1. They don’t work.

The Center for Disease Control and Analysis (CDC) has posted their own analysis of the flu vaccine effectiveness, but are you aware that even the CDC says the vaccines have been less than 59% effective more than half the time. The US government admitted that most of the time they’re, at best, 50-60 percent effective at stopping influenza requiring medical care.

The 2014/2015 vaccine was a total dud- it was only 19 percent effective. If you were between the ages of 2-8 it was only 15 percent effective.

2. Flu shots can be more dangerous than the flu.

When you inject foreign protein molecules directly into your bloodstream you can trigger an allergic reaction. Those proteins need to be broken down, the way they would be through natural digestion processes.

Some vaccines include DNA/RNA from other animal tissue. There are still millions of differences in the DNA of humans and their nearest “relative,” so mixing things up at the subatomic level is a recipe for disaster.

They are injecting a lab altered virus into your body! Think about that. Read it again and think about it some more.

3. There are toxic ingredients- and not just Mercury!

Have you ever read the warnings or the ingredient list for the flu vaccine? Let me make it easy for you. Here’s a link to the CDC’s own page with the ingredients.



o They’re injecting aluminum right into your blood.
o They’re injecting egg protein right into your blood (I hope you’re not allergic!).
o You’re reading it right; they’re injecting formaldehyde right into your blood.
o They’re injecting monosodium glutamate (MSG) right into your blood.  Really?  Really.
o Thimerosal (which is a mercury preservative), and aluminum adjuvants can attack your immune system as well. Since they’re neurotoxic they can also slow down your brain functions. They’re injecting thimerosal right into your blood. If your doctor is honest they might tell you that it “contains trace amounts of mercury… “ Have you ever seen what happens when a kid steals some of this from a school and spills it on the sidewalk? It’s like a scene from a crazy science fiction movie the way guys in hazmat suits lock up the area.

4. Flu shots cause immunosuppression.

Along with the other list of nasty ingredients the flu shot also introduces the virus itself into your body. That’s why after children get the shot they tend to develop runny noses, ear infections and a nasty cough. Flu viruses sensitize your body against the virus – it does not immunize it. Now imagine that a live flu virus is injected into somebody with a suppressed immune system.

The shot doesn’t work.

5. Vitamin C outperforms vaccines.

We’ve known since the 1950s, since the clinical studies of Dr. Frederick Klenner, that intravenous Vitamin C has a powerful healing effect. He used it successfully to treat polio, shingles, measles, mumps, chickenpox, and yes, even the flu.

You can see that it has benefits way beyond beating the flu virus. The side effects are healing and feeling good.

You’re probably surrounded by people who tell you that you must get the flu shot, but if your gut tells you not to – there are good reasons for that.

Pay attention to your gut.

So what if you’ve already received a flu shot?  We can help!  There are ways to detox your body, and support your immune system to help negate the negative affects of the injection.  Find a Wellness Way clinic near you and make an appointment today.