6 Researched-Based Reasons to Skip the HPV Vaccine

6 research-based reasons from Dr. Dale Brown, The Wild Doc, that prove parents and young adults are getting PLAYED by the medical community, and drug companies like Merck who make the vaccine. 💉

You sit on the couch for movie night with your teen and a commercial comes on with a young adult who has cancer. Emotional photos and drama filled music play while parents are told there is something they can do to prevent that cancer. Then it flashes back to when that young adult was a pre-teen and they ask in a pleading voice, “Did you know? Mom? Dad?” It closes by asking, “what will you say?” The commercial is meant to wrench at the heart and would make many parents feel like they have to get their teen vaccinated for HPV.  How will it make you feel? It shouldn’t make you feel guilty if you haven’t gotten your child vaccinated. Not at all. It should make you angry that they are trying to play with your emotions.

The Push Despite the HPV Vaccine Harms

The drug company that makes the HPV vaccine, along with the medical community, is scaring parents into vaccinating their teenagers upon an emotional state rather than a scientific basis. It’s a deception that will harm those they claim it can protect. The HPV vaccine is being pushed on parents of 11 and 12-year-olds to “prevent” strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) that have been shown as a risk factor to the development of cancers like cervical and throat cancer.

The medical community recommends the HPV vaccine before most teens are sexually active, roughly 12 years old. It’s been pushed on pre-teen girls and boys. And now the FDA recently approved the Gardasil license to include people between 27 and 45, which ignores the available evidence that those already exposed would be at greater risk of illness and cancer! More on that later. They ignore this evidence of harm to gain more customers! Which unfortunately for Americans means more illness. Do you need a reason to say no to this madness?

There are many reasons not to get the HPV vaccine! Here’s 6 research-based reasons to skip the HPV Vaccine. 6 reasons that prove parents and young adults are getting played by the medical community, and drug companies like Merck who make the vaccine.

Don’t Get Played Get Facts: 6 Researched-Based Reasons to Skip the HPV Vaccine

1 – 91% of people will clear the HPV infection from their body on their own

Yes, many people will get the HPV virus during their lifetime. It’s estimated that 80% of sexually active women will have been infected by age 50 but 91% of people have the ability to clear the infection from their bodies with no assistance. (1) One must then ask the question “why are 9% of people unable to clear out this infection on their own? What is hampering the immune system leaving them more susceptible to cancer and other illness?

It’s well established that those who have weak immunity are at greater risk of all types of cancers, including cervical and throat, that said, the fact that the 9% can’t clear the infection is a sign of weakened immunity. This could then explain that cervical cancer and throat cancers are not caused simply by a single cause, HPV infection, but rather the HPV virus is there opportunistically in the immune deficient person and that contributes to the development of cancer in a susceptible person.

So rather than focusing on a mass vaccination program that would theoretically only help an extremely small portion of the population, we could do more with focusing on the underlying causes of immune weakness, correcting those and enhancing a person’s ability of fighting off all infectious illness and all types of cancers therefore everyone would benefit and we would eliminate the proven harms that the HPV vaccines is known to cause.

We need to get to the bottom of what is weakened in the immune system of those who can’t clear the virus.

2 – The HPV Vaccine Itself Actually Causes Illness and Chronic Conditions

Does it make sense to get a vaccine to prevent an illness that 91% of us can clear on our own when the vaccine can cause more serious illnesses? Japan’s government stopped recommending the HPV vaccine 5 years ago because of the harmful effects and they did not think they could give the public enough information. What is causing these harmful effects? Well, for one the vaccine contains the aluminum adjuvant that is used to “enhance the effectiveness,” but in reality, it only stimulates a stronger immune response, but it’s because aluminum is toxic at any amounts. Aluminum doesn’t strengthen the immune system in any way whatsoever.  Aluminum has no beneficial effect on your physiology, or your immune system. We have so much evidence to say that aluminum adjuvants in these vaccines are causing neurological harm, autoimmune conditions, and disabling people.

Years of studies have shown the harm that vaccines can cause as a trigger for immune problems. This trigger can increase the risk of a range of problems from autoimmune issues or the increased risk of infectious illness, but drug companies are allowed to hide from these issues because they are protected from prosecution by U.S. law. (2) So, these issues stay hidden with no accountability.  There is a whole textbook on the harm of aluminum adjuvants and autoimmune problems associated with vaccines. (3)

3 – Aluminum Adjuvants Used as Placebo in Testing of Safety of HPV Vaccines   

Knowing what we know about the harm of aluminum adjuvants the idea to use aluminum as a placebo in safety testing is ridiculous at best and malicious at worst. But that is exactly what they did. The full vaccine was given to one group of women and for a “placebo” the aluminum adjuvant was given to another. (3) This is ridiculous because the aluminum adjuvant is established to cause serious health problems. What they saw was only a slight increase in harmful conditions in the fully vaccinated. Well, what did they expect they gave the control/placebo group one of the most harmful ingredients to help “prove” the “safety” of their vaccine?

Want to read for yourself here is their insert.  There is no benefit to giving a woman aluminum. Period. They could have given a true placebo, but they didn’t because they know it’s the aluminum that is causing many of the problems thus the results will “hide” the true risks and harms of the vaccine.

Any amount of aluminum is dangerous to the body. Especially when its injected and the molecular size is larger than what your filtering system like kidneys can filter out. That’s right in the research. It stays in your body causing lifelong immune dysfunction or neurological harm. They can make bank on you for the rest of your life if you don’t get this information.

Think about it – it’s a great business model.  Having no liability for harm done by vaccines, and then selling the prescription to “remedy” that harm.  Your customers are none-the-wiser, and you have sales for life.

HPV Virus Causes Infertility in Women

Every parent wants to be a grandparent someday, right? Maybe not soon but someday! Getting your daughter the HPV vaccine may reduce her chances of having a baby which lowers your chance of being a grandparent. One study found there was a lowered probability of pregnancy in women aged 25-29 who had received the HPV vaccine. (4) There’s more! The aluminum adjuvants in the HPV vaccine cause an autoimmune and inflammatory environment that has been linked to primary ovarian failure in teenage girls. Young women are being robbed of their fertility. It’s beyond corrupted at this point!

HPV Vaccinated Women Have Higher Risk of HPV, YES You Heard That Right!

That probably sounds a little insane but it’s true. There are over 100 strains of HPV with roughly 13 being linked to cancer. Even though we know the thinking on that is all sorts of wrong.  The original vaccine only included 4 strains and the current one includes 9. After one study found that women who received the original vaccine had a 40% higher chance of being infected with a high-risk HPV strain not included in the vaccine than those who had not been vaccinated. (5) So, the medical community recommended that women get another shot. (6) But wait they still aren’t vaccinated against all the high-risk strains. Their logic doesn’t make sense no matter which way you look at it. They found that those who were vaccinated had higher risks of infection, and their answer is to give more vaccines… How are people not seeing how idiotic this is?

When does all this sound ridiculous? If you understand that vaccines have a depressive effect on the immune system that impacts the innate immune response that your body needs to protect itself from illness. Research on other vaccines has shown that when a person is vaccinated they are at higher risk of infection with similar illnesses That is why the flu vaccine causes an approximate 300% greater risk of infection or illness. Want to learn more about that? Check out my video. How many HPV strains were there again? Over 100? How many extras would you like after your vaccine? Yet, after finding that the vaccinated were infected more, they still found many of the vaccinated girls to still be infected with the very strains the vaccine is claimed to protect them from.

Cervical Cancer Rates Have Gone Up Since Vaccine Released in 2006

Since 2006, the year the vaccine was implemented in the US, the rates of cervical cancer, throat cancer, and anal cancers have been increasing. That should be enough evidence to show us all that the vaccine is not protecting us against the very condition we are being told it will “prevent.” Then if you look at the rates of these cancers prior to 2006 you will see that the number of people diagnosed and dying from these cancers was declining, it is clear that we have took a “wrong turn.” The vaccine that they will guilt you into taking is doing nothing to protect children.

Skip the HPV Vaccine: You Only Need One Reason

Your health, or your child’s health, is your reason. Safety and health are reason enough to skip the HPV vaccine. Lies and junk science by the vaccine manufacturer should be reason enough.

These are 6 research-based reasons that you can use to arm yourself when faced with propaganda by medical vaccine drug pushers. Now that you have these facts how will you feel when you see the commercial? Will you see if for what it really is? A way to make a profit off of fear. What will you say when someone tries to push a vaccine on you?

Written by Dr. Dale Brown, The Wild Doc


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