7 Tips for Naturally Soft Skin and Lotions We Love

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s first line of defense against toxins and pathogens that don’t belong in your body. You need to treat your skin good for the amazing job it does for a healthy body inside and out. To help you upgrade your skincare regimen we have 6 tips for naturally soft skin and some of the lotions used by Pathway To Wellness ladies.

Why is it important to share natural ways to hydrate and soften your skin? Many people unknowingly apply lotions with toxins to their skin and those toxins are absorbed through the skin going right into the blood stream. Those toxins include pegs, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and others. Some of these toxins we talked about in our articles on face scrubs, deodorants and foundations. Some are known as endocrine disruptors, allergens, causing inflammation, and are linked to cancer.

7 Tips for Naturally Soft Skin

1 – Stay Hydrated 

Hydration starts from within! Make sure you are drinking plenty of hydrating liquids like water, aloe juice, and coconut water. There are so many benefits to aloe and coconut water has great electrolytes. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if you want to stay hydrated.

2 – Eat Your Healthy Fats 

Fats don’t make you fat, but they can hydrate your skin! Make sure you are eating a variety of healthy fats with every meal. Good foods to for nourishing your skin include avocado, coconut oil, wild fish, nuts, and sunflower seeds.

3 – Enjoy Dark Chocolate 

The good stuff! Not the over-processed junk with milk and chemicals. This yummy tip makes it onto a lot of our lists. Dark chocolate has so many benefits and it’s an anti-inflammatory food. Inflammation can lead to dry, itchy skin.

4 – Work Up a Sweat 

A great way to hydrate your skin is to get your sweat on. Whether that is exercising or a nice infrared sauna session, sweating can be very beneficial for your skin. It adds surface moisture to your skin, and it helps your body get rid of inflammatory toxins like ammonia and urea. Urea can actually be moisturizing when you sweat it out.

5 – Make Your Own Lotion 

It can be so easy to make your own lotion and then you know exactly what healthy, organic products are in your lotion. Some of us add a few drops of essential oils to our favorite carrier oil like avocado or coconut oil. A few other favorites are mentioned in the comments below. Some get a little more in-depth like this body butter recipeor this face cream recipe. 

6 – Avoid Sugar and Other Processed Foods 

Processed sugar is a very inflammatory food and so are many other processed foods. Inflammation can cause itchy, dry skin. Eating a clean diet of whole foods can lower your inflammation and ensure you are getting the antioxidants to keep your skin healthy.

7 – Invest in Natural Products 

The European Union has banned over 1300 chemical ingredients in cosmetics, but the U.S. has banned 30 as of 2018. That means the American consumer must be very cautious. It’s easy to watch for the well-known ones but who can keep track of 1300? And many of them are hidden under the ingredient names of fragrance and parfum. Find a reputable company and invest in good skincare and cosmetics. Or better yet, make your own! We have some suggestions below.

I asked some of our awesome Wellness Way ladies what they use for lotion to keep their skin looking so awesome. They were familiar with finding coverage without the chemicals, and they are always happy to share some of their best tips! Brands and formulas do change so we often use EWG.org or the Think Dirty App to help us check out products.

Oils and Lotions We Love for Soft Skin 

Heather Snedeker Bladel The Wellness Way Rockford, Rockford IL

Tate’s Miracle Conditioner is awesome as a lotion! I even love it as shaving cream! It smells great, it’s all natural and leaves my skin so silky soft!

Kelly Hellmann and Corie Wagner, Pathway To Wellness Fort Mill

We are always talking with patients about the importance of knowing what you’re applying to your hair and skin.  A Good Coconut oil is a wonderful product that heals as well as softens the skin.

Annie Vissers, Pathway To Wellness- Appleton, Appleton, WI

Sunfoods Cacao butter – I like it because it’s smooth, melts at body temperature and you smell like a chocolate bar. The oils soak into your skin and give that velvet smoothness we look for with lotions.

Lily of the desert aloe! I love drinking aloe and applying it on my skin. It’s like lotion for your insides! Silver geland aloe work wonders on a sunburn and it hydrates my skin back to its healthy state. I can take a leaf off a plant or keep some in the refrigerator and apply when I need a bit of cool relief on dry cracked skin. It’s a miracle lotion!

Erin Stutzman, Pathway To Wellness- Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

Earthley is one of my favorite brands! We use their lotions, deodorant, shampoos, baby products (teeth tamer, baby powder, diaper rash cream), sunscreen and bug repellent! All of it is organic and they have something for everything.

Brianna Simoens, Wellness Way Enterprises, Green Bay, WI

Since I can’t do coconut, lately I’ve been doing straight avocado oil or argon oil on my skin! I use it after the shower or before the beach. When I’m ambitious, I mix them together, add a little vitamin E and essential oils for scents. I put the combination in a glass squirt bottle so it’s easy to apply.

Stefanie Kelley Haines, Harney County Fitness – A Wellness Way Affiliate, Burns, OR 

Anna’s Naturals has some AMAZING lotions along with her awesome soaps. I just got some body butter; one is chocolate mint and the other was chocolate orange. I want to eat the chocolate orange – it smells just like a truffle!

Dr. Steph Tilden, Life Momentum Wellness Center- A Wellness Way Affiliate- Beaverton, OR  

I also use cocoa butter but 100% Pure is awesome too! Everything is made with pure organic ingredients and the quality is amazing.

Dr. Kelvie Culpepper, Poplarville Family Chiropractic- A Wellness Way Affiliate, Poplarville, MS  

I love The Naked Bee. I’ve tried multiple brands including making my own. This product is awesome, and you can get a wholesale account with them.

Krista Schabel RN, Pathway To Wellness- Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

I really LOVE jojoba oil. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy/oily. I also use red raspberry seed oil which isn’t greasy either and has natural SPF for some sun protection.

Use Our Tips for Naturally Soft Skin

Your skin is a reflection of your insides. Take care of your body inside and out! Use our tips for naturally soft skin and invest in a healthy body because you deserve it! We love sharing our tips and want to hear yours too. Let us know what you do for soft skin in the comments.