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What defines being healthy? In truth, the answer to this question depends on the individual. Being healthy could mean eating healthier, exercising, taking vitamins, or taking medications recommended by your healthcare professional. Still, there is always something we can do to improve our health.

People who do intense physical labor (i.e. lift or carry heavy weight), have a sedentary lifestyle, or who have aged and are in constant pain often wish to improve their health and quality of life. However, when they discuss these concerns with their doctor, they may be met with neglect or conventional medications such as painkillers or antibiotics. These methods often can cause inflammation or other issues that don’t provide full relief from your pain.

Do you feel that your health could improve?

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Consider Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the theory that the body can heal itself through therapeutic treatments, spinal adjustments, and corrective exercises. However, while many patients seek care from a professional chiropractor for joint pain, auto injuries, or other spinal issues, chiropractors can tend to cognitive, digestive, or hormonal conditions.

A licensed chiropractor can determine the root cause of the condition and utilize natural, noninvasive procedures to improve your health and well-being. As a result, you may discover you no longer need conventional treatment from your primary healthcare professional.

If you’re considering a professional chiropractor near Pineville, North Carolina, you're not too far away!

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Located 17 minutes south by car of Pineville, North Carolina, Pathway to Wellness has a team of professionals qualified to analyze a patient’s condition, determine the root cause, and assist in all chiropractic procedures.

Dr. Hellmann and his team believe that patients deserve to live happier, healthier lives. Whether one suffers from leaky gut, cognitive decline, hormonal imbalances, or spinal pain, we’ll ensure to completely analyze the patient’s medical history, and utilize a holistic approach to determine the condition’s root cause. From there, we’ll put together a plan that will provide the patient with answers or relief from their issue.

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Find Answers to Improve Your Quality of Life!

Our team has improved the lives of many patients throughout the Fort Mill and Pineville offices and many others. Our wellness methods may involve that spine services, hormone testing, supplementation, and MicroCurrent Neurofeedback.

Driven by a passion to serve, Dr. Hellmann and his team listen to every patient to get them on the path toward wellness and an improved lifestyle. With our dedication, our patients finally feel relief from their condition without conventional medication or surgical procedures.

If you or a loved one require a licensed chiropractor in Pineville, North Carolina, schedule an appointment with our clinic in Fort Mill, and we’ll guide to improve your health and lifestyle.

We love Dr. Hellman and his awesome staff!!! Dr. Hellman has helped me get my spine into proper alignment, and he’s also helped me learn how to eat in a healthy way after extensive testing of food sensitivities. I’ve lost 20 lbs and I feel great!

- Laurie J.

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