Coochies, Condoms, and Coconut Oil

What belongs in your coochie? I’m serious. Nothing should be in your coochie unless it has your total ok. Do you want chemicals in there? Did you know some condoms have 20+ ingredients? Lubes have crazy chemicals too. Are you putting chemicals that you wouldn’t put in your mouth in your coochie? I’m not saying skip the condom, and lubes, if that’s your choice. Natural condoms and coconut oil offer healthier alternatives.

If you’re a lady, it’s your coochie- you get to decide. I have advice. I won’t make the decision for you but skip the guy with the man bun and go for someone bald. Bald men are sexy.

If you have read my book or watched my show you know I like to call it the man-cave. So, guys, show your lady you respect the man cave by understanding what you are suggesting you put in there. There are lots of birth control options and some of them, like the birth control pill, are very damaging hormonally. Women should have control of their bodies including the stuff that goes in the man-cave during sexy time. Who can argue with that?

Why is what goes in the man-cave important? We worry about what’s in our foods, in our sunscreens, deodorant, shampoos, and household cleaners. Nobody took the time to notice that the FDA doesn’t require labeling ingredients on condoms and lubes so that means they could be harboring carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Wait. Uh- there is something pretty important we aren’t talking about yet. In addition to being a pretty personal space, the vagina can absorb chemicals at a rate faster than through skin and the things that go in through the vagina aren’t metabolized like the things we eat. That means they don’t get filtered and instead go right into the blood stream. (1)

All of the chemicals that enter our body add to the toxic load. If your body has a bucket for toxins there are only so many it can hold before it overflows. Your bucket can only hold so much! Ladies, you need to think about what goes in your vaginas just as much as you think of products that you eat or put on your skin. Let’s talk natural condoms and healthy lubes.

Natural Condoms, The Healthier Kind
So, what doesn’t belong in a happy, toxin-free coochie? Popular condoms may contain:

Parabens: estrogen mimicking endocrine disruptors that have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues. They are also used in condoms as a preservative.
Glycerin: a potential endocrine disruptor and a chemical that can mess up the pH of your coochie which may cause a yeast infection.
Spermicides: chemicals used to immobilize the sperm can also irritate the vagina.
Nitrosamines: by-products of the processing of latex, and carcinogenic compounds, that are found in many conventional condoms that use latex.
Other chemicals: these are rarely listed on the package of condoms and there can be 20+ ingredients in a condom.
Here are some choices that are filling the gap for those looking for a natural condom option that doesn’t add to your toxic load.

Lola – This is condom has a limited-ingredients list of natural latex, cornstarch and silicone lubricant. What it doesn’t have? Parabens, nitrosamines, casein, glycerin, synthetic colorants, synthetic flavor, and fragrance.

Sustain– Toxin-free, and environmentally-friendly, this condom company also has latex that is Fair Trade Certified so you know the workers are getting a good wage. They also donate 10% of profits to support reproductive healthcare and family planning services to American women.

Sir Richards– This risqué condom company offers vegan condoms that are made in the United states without the extra chemicals.

Glyde– These toxin-free condoms also come in organic flavors! If you buy organic strawberries, then you might as well get organic, strawberry-flavored condoms!

Coconut Oil Slips in Over Toxic Lubes
Let’s talk lubes. How often do we talk or comparison shop lubes? They add the slip to your slide and make things more fun. They can also slip in chemicals you aren’t expecting. Be as discerning about your lubes as you are about your bald men! You can even find the best one, coconut oil, in your kitchen.

Did you know the toxicity test commonly recommended by the FDA for lubes and other vagina products is the rabbit vaginal irritation model? Why do I have to be the one to tell people that the rabbit vagina is different than the human one? Th pH of a rabbit vagina and human vagina are very different. This means that the rabbit model does not show the damage to the vaginal barriers that can be done by many lubricants. (2)

Lubricants can contain many of the same ingredients you want to avoid in condoms like parabens, spermicides, glycerin, and other chemicals like inflammation causing chlorhexidine gluconate. Just skip it and choose a quality lube, or even better use coconut oil. It is so beneficial to the skin and adds all kinds of slippery fun.

Trust me. I recommend this to my patients all the time. And they thank me for it! I received a very nice e-mail from a woman who I had recommended coconut oil to. Here’s what she wrote.

E-mail from a happy patient
Dr. Patrick,

I wanted to update you and thank you for the advice you gave my husband and me at our last appointment. When you told me the benefits of coconut oil and cacao butter, and how it affects the vaginal tissue I thought you were a little bit crazy. But you’ve given me good advice so far, so we decided to try it. After applying it vaginally for a couple of days, we started to notice that the soreness started to go down, so we decided to try it out. After a couple of weeks, I’m happy to tell you that I’m starting to enjoy sex again and my husband is very pleased. Not just because we’ve had more sex in the last couple of weeks than we’ve had in the last year, but my husband and I have been able to get into positions that I have not been in for over 30 years. He thanks you! Your advice has helped me physically, mentally and brought me closer to my husband.

Thank you,

Happy Patient

Guys, she’s 83 and she’s having the best sex she’s had in 30 years. What do you think it will do for you? I think you and your spouse are going to thank me.

Be sure to choose organic, virgin coconut oil that has no other ingredients except coconut oil. If you are using condoms don’t use coconut oil because it can cause breakage. Try 100% pure aloe gel or a quality lubricant like Sliquid.

Coochies, Condoms, and Coconut Oil
Most people never think about what’s in the condom or in lubricants. We don’t talk about it a lot, but we should be. My only other advice is to have separate coconut oil for the kitchen and the bedroom. Have fun with the coconut oil! Keep the coochie happy and toxin-free.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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