Health Changes: Simple or Easy?

When it comes to improving our health there are always gadgets and quick fixes out there that may claim boosted health, weight loss, and energy all while using their product without considering the long-term effects. Many people want health changes they can make with the least amount of effort. How well does that work? Not really good, and the long-term effects can do big damage with no long term health effects.

When it comes to TRULY improving our health and getting the weight loss, energy improvement, sleep improvement, digestive changes, skin changes and everything else that comes along with better health, the answer is always way SIMPLER, but not necessarily easier.

Simple Health Changes Does Not Mean Easy

When I say SIMPLE, I mean just that, by definition, “not elaborate or artificial.”
Simple: eat real food. Move your body to make yourself breathe heavy and sweat. Don’t stress out so much. Get adjusted. Avoid toxic additives on food or anything you put in or on your body. These are simple, but essential, health changes everyone must make if they aren’t doing it already.

Add DISCIPLINE to that recipe and you’ll succeed. What do I mean by that? Simple, say no to things to go in opposition to the direction you want to go. No junk food. Also, no to laziness. No stress… (bear with me). Stop crossing your legs and slouching. Say no again to pre-made food that you can’t really identify what is in it!

NOW…here is the most important part. SIMPLE does NOT mean EASY. If it were easy, everyone could do it. If it were easy there would be nothing but strong, lean, healthy, happy, energetic people walking around with perfect hormones and metabolism.

Not realistic.

We Are All Human

What I say as often as I can is that we all have one thing in common. We are all human, and make mistakes. When we do, we have to minimize the damage!!! Don’t make a missed gym day turn into a missed gym week; a bad meal turn into a bad week of meals; or one drink turn into 20.

Every workout counts. Each meal counts. Every stressful situation plays a part. The danger comes into how we perceive ourselves after a bad meal, workout day or stressful situation and it is a VERY, VERY slippery slope. Too often one bad decision or unavoidable situation takes us off of our path to what we really want and we use it as an excuse to justify our behavior and the fact that we really don’t deserve real, honest to goodness health! You do. Trust me. BUT the thing is this, with all the excess of food additives, chemicals in the water, daily stressors in this world coming closer and closer to home, more disease then ever in history…HEALTH IS NOT EASY. It’s hard. And it takes DAILY effort to accomplish.

It has been said that we make 247 health decisions every day. That’s a lot of choices we have to make the right or wrong call. =If you go 100% on a day, that’s pretty amazing. BUT, if you let one slide, you are more than likely to let another, and another, and another, until we turn around and we have a 10/247 type of day. These are the days we have to forgive ourselves. Reset our sites on why we started in the first place and get back on the path. Successful health changes are everyday choices. Not gadgets or pills. And remember this key thing: to the people you think make it look easy, they’re really good actors! They are working just as hard as you are, and you both deserve all the credit in the world.

Your Health is Worth Fighting For

Your health is worth fighting for, you’re worth fighting for. And we are in your corner. The goal of every Wellness Way doctor is to make sure that your path is as obvious to you as possible. How? By testing you to reveal what stands between you and your health. Specific foods? Autoimmunity? Metabolic disorder? Hormonal imbalance? Infections? All of these could be hiding an issue that is keeping you from being successful in health.

Without knowing all the facts, you are setting yourself up to fail over and over, because if even one of these things stands in your way, you could do everything “RIGHT” and still not get the results that someone else doing exactly the same thing as you will. And nothing is more frustrating than not understanding why you are working so hard for so little result. Getting tested and having the facts makes your answers for health changes simpler.

The health changes you need to make might not be simple. It might not be easy to find what changes you need to make without a proficient provider who tests appropriately. I can promise you it won’t be easy undoing an unhealthy lifestyle that you have spent years building. But I can promise healthy changes will get easier, especially after you start to feel better in ways you didn’t even know your unhealthy choices were impacting. My goal with anyone is simple, I want to be your guide on your journey to health, whatever that means for you. Because you have to make the choice not me. You make 247 health decisions a day and how you are going to live your health journey is a big one. What health changes are you going to choose? Simple or easy?

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