Healthy Spins on 5 Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

Holidays aren’t the time to take a break from your healthy eating. Your body doesn’t understand moderation. It knows if something is good it will help build your body but if it’s bad it’s harmful to the body. 70% of Americans have a chronic illness and for most Americans their food choices aren’t supporting a healthy body. That’s why holidays aren’t time for a break from your wellness plan. It’s time to celebrate and embrace your healthy choices. We are here to help with recipes for healthy holiday eating.

When you make a healthy holiday, you are setting yourself and your family up for success. You are creating healthy memories. You are building habits and traditions that will be passed down for stronger generations. Isn’t that what the holidays should be about? Celebrating healthy families and nourishing those you care about with food that will build strong bodies?

The nice thing about the holidays is a lot of traditional foods can be easily made healthy. You just need to avoid reaching for convenience foods in a box and make your recipes from scratch. That’s the way it should be done, right? We have 5 recipes for healthy classics that grandma would approve of.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey is the center stage of Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving turkey recipe will make it healthy and tasty. Instead of inflammatory hydrogenated oils this recipe uses avocado oil to baste the turkey and you will feel good about all the healthy, organic ingredients.

Christy’s Vegan Pumpkin Pie

You don’t have to miss out on sweets just because you are eating healthy. You just have to do healthier sweets. Pumpkin pie is the perfect option because it even has a squash in it. This version is gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and uses healthier sugars. They won’t even know its healthy and you can keep the baking tradition alive! Or start one!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Looking for a healthy spin on your mashed potatoes? Try this mashed, sweet potatoes recipe! Sweet potatoes are healthy! They are full of fiber, so they don’t spike your blood sugar. Want to know what else they are full of? They are full of healthy nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A plus they are full of tons of healthy antioxidants.

Gluten-Free Stuffing

Don’t miss out on this classic, comfort food this holiday season. Our gluten-free stuffing recipe is dairy-free and can also be made vegan if you use an egg replacer. Of course, we used apple cider vinegar and some of our other favorite ingredients but it still has the classic flavor you are craving.

Healthy, Cranberry Orange Sauce

Have you read the ingredients on the back of that canned cranberry juice that is on sale right before Thanksgiving? You know the one that plops out of the can and gets prime real estate next to the turkey? It most likely has high fructose corn syrup which is a horrible form of sugar.

This cranberry sauce recipe uses xylitol instead with maple syrup. Once you see how easy and tasty it is to make your own, you won’t go back.

Healthy Holidays

It’s easy to add a healthy spin while not losing the traditions Your recipes can either nourish you and your family or they can make you sick. What do you want your recipes and holidays to be about? These spins on classics can mean healthy holidays for future generations.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn