Is Your Uterus Happy? 5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy Uterus

Uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, and premature infertility are all on the rise. Estimates say that at least 70% of women will experience one of these conditions by the age of 50. This is all very daunting and can make it seem like a happy, healthy uterus is impossible.

Doctors aren’t giving women a good direction, and sometimes they don’t give any direction, on what to do about their hormonal concerns. I know because I get questions on it all the time, and I see it on the labs from women who suffer from hormone concerns. They come to me when there is no other hope and we have to rebuild what they thought was lost. Let’s build hormonal health before you have lost hope. I’m going to give you 5 steps you can take on a daily basis that actually make this become less of a problem and give you a happy, healthy uterus.

1 – Reduce Your Mental Stress

Looking at the majority of clinical diagnoses, many of them start with mental stress. Mental stress will absolutely destroy a woman’s body. I hear from women, “Doc, reducing stress is one of the most difficult things to do.” I know, but it’s really sad when I get your lab results back and your stress hormones are through the roof. Find ways to get your stress down! If this is all you did, it would do a lot to support your hormones.

What’s one way to reduce your stress? Ask for help! If there is one person who should be reading this article, it is the guy in your life because men cause women the most mental stress.  That mental stress will lead to hormonal changes that can lead to all of those hormonal conditions.

2 – Decrease Your Bacterial Load

When you are working to maintain your uterine health, one of the main things that can mess it up are infections. There are lots of ways that bacteria can invade the uterus. This probably leaves you wondering what you can do about it. You want products that are easy to find and use. The two products that I recommend to protect your uterus are coconut oil and colloidal silver. These can be very antibacterial without causing any harm to the vaginal environment.  You can use them by applying them vaginally or ingesting orally. Do both for the best results!

3 – Get Things Moving in Your Uterus

We all know we need to get our muscles moving but not everyone knows that includes the uterus. Yes! The uterus is a powerful muscle. You experience it when you are menstruating or giving birth.  Menstruation is just like child birth. The uterus contracts to move tissue out. It’s a muscle! You need to get that uterus moving just like any other muscle.

A vibe plate is an easy way to do this. I’m a huge fan of them because they get everything moving and gets blood flowing to those areas. Not everyone has access to a vibe plate, so what can you do? You want to get blood flowing. Inversion is a great way to do this and gets blood flowing to the uterus. It can be as simple as putting your legs up the wall while you lay on the ground or trying some yoga. Another great inexpensive way to get the uterus moving is through orgasm. Make sure your guy is bringing you to the top of the mountain for a healthy uterus. Tell him it’s doctor ordered! I said so!

Who knew inversion would be good for a healthy uterus? Want to learn more about inversion? Check out this quick tip with Dr. Patrick.

4 – Take Care of Your Liver

It’s very important to eat healthy to take care of your liver. If you eat a lot of processed and sugary foods, then your liver health is going to suffer. If your liver health suffers so will your hormonal health. Why? A lot of female hormones get converted in the liver. If your liver is stressed from your diet, then your hormone conversion is going to suffer.

In clinical practice, I’ve seen a lot of hormonal issues start in the liver and a lot of women are surprised that the liver has such an impact. That’s because they aren’t being told vital information that can impact their hormonal health. So, clean up your diet for a happy, healthy uterus.

5 – Build Relationships and Make Connections

Connection is one of the greatest things a woman can do to build up her hormones. It is also one of the easiest and simplest things to do. Ladies, you know how important connection is, but you probably never realized how it impacts your hormones. You can feel it if someone says something nice to you or when someone spends some time with you. Now I bet you will start noticing it more. Even when you watch a romantic movie together, you can feel that hormonal rush. That’s why I watch them with my wife.

Why does this happen? Your stress goes down, reduces the body’s production of stress hormones, and that frees up resources to make the healthy uterus hormones you need.  The women who feel most disconnected from their spouse, from their families or from the world are the ones that have some of the most detrimental hormone problems. A happy, healthy uterus needs connection.

Practice Daily for a Happy, Healthy Uterus

These 5 steps are things that every woman can and should be doing to keep a happy, healthy uterus. Steps 2-3 are ones that I look at clinically, and are very important along with proper testing that helps us understand what is happening with the hormones. Steps 1 and 5 are what I would consider the most important steps that you can do. I know sometimes in our fast-paced, modern life they can seem like the hardest to make time for. Don’t skip these steps, ladies. They are free but it doesn’t make them the least important. Connect with those around you. If you need a hug, I’ll give you a hug because I want you to extremely healthy, wonderful life.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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