Outbreaks Lead to Ban of Unvaccinated Kids and Spread of Fear

Right now, healthy children in Rockland County are being banned from public places. Yes, you read that right – healthy children. Even if they are not infected, they still can’t go out in public if they aren’t vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Is this even America anymore? Last I checked NY was within the “land of the free.” This case and measles outbreaks are highlighted in news stories like this, original one from USA Today, and is spreading language of fear that led to ban unvaccinated kids.

According to the story from USA Today:

In Rockland County, just north of New York, where 155 cases have been confirmed as of Wednesday, County Executive Ed Day declared a state of emergency this week, banning any unvaccinated person under 18 from appearing in a public place. Violations are punishable by a $500 fine or six months in jail.

The mainstream propaganda machine uses the term “outbreak” because it sounds scary to the average person, but let’s take a realistic look at these numbers. There have been 155 cases since last October in Rockland with no deaths or serious outcomes. The reason for this number specifically in Rockland County is due to the fact that Rockland is home to many peoples of the Jewish faith. Because of their faith they choose not to inject their children with aborted fetal DNA. Yep, the MMR vaccine has aborted fetus DNA in it and unborn babies were killed to make that vaccine.

When Outbreak Leads to Ban Unvaccinated Kids

Rockland County says it initiated the ban because of the current outbreak. Currently however, there are only a handful of confirmed cases of measles in Rockland County. So, what’s an outbreak?

USA Today defined it for us:

An outbreak, defined as three or more cases, has been reported in New York state, New York City, Washington, Texas, Illinois and California.

Three people can have an illness and it can be defined as an outbreak, which makes it sound really scary for a headline. Parents who see these headlines are scared for the safety of their children, but should they truly be scared?

Since the beginning of the year there have been 314 cases of the measles nationwide and no reported deaths. Even before measles vaccinations were available, measles was already on the decline in our nation, due to improved sanitation, clean water, and improved nutritional and living standards. Measles mortality and serious morbidity due to infection significantly decline even before the inception of the United States measles vaccination program in 1963. In the years prior to the vaccine roughly 3-4 million measles infections per year occurred with only 400-500 people dying as a result. The reality though is that the underlying nutritional status of the child or individual was really at the core of what made and makes measles any risk at all. So really, if your feeding your child properly then you have almost nothing to worry about!

Let’s Look Back at Measles and Vaccines in the United States

If one looks back at history, from 1900 to 1962, before the vaccine was used, the measles death rate declined by more than 98%! Then to claim that the measles vaccine is responsible for the now non-existent/extremely low mortality rate of measles one would have to argue that the declining trend of the death rate from measles would have abruptly plateaued and not have continued to decline without the vaccine, which would be idiotic and unscientific given the historical trend.

Putting Measles Numbers in Perspective

Now let’s say that “without the vaccine” to this day 400-500 deaths would still be happening each year. That may sound like a lot, but let’s put this in perspective. Tylenol, a so called “safe” or “harmless” drug, many Americans keep in their cupboard kills more people every year. About 458 people die every year from acute liver failure simply because they took acetaminophen, “Tylenol,” and that’s only the liver failure caused by this one drug! Tylenol also increases the risk of death during infection by lowering a fever which is necessary for an effective immune response. (For more info on fevers check out this  article.)  Then if we are really going to say that measles is “deadly,” then we have to say that Tylenol is deadlier if we are being honest!

We would also have to say that things like “walking down the street is deadly.” In the US, an estimated 6,227 pedestrians were killed in 2018. That is a lot more than the 400-500 people, but no one is screaming about how “deadly” it is to be a pedestrian. Are we putting our fears in perspective? I mean, all the people who are scared of going out in public with unvaccinated children are literally more likely to die going out in public because they might have to walk down the sidewalk!   For real, this whole measles scare mongering has got to stop!

Fear Leads to Government Overstep and Effort to Ban Unvaccinated Kids

Let’s call this for what it is, a blatant overstep by the government and Big Pharma. Then of “honorable mention” one has to point out that Rockland County just announced in Jan. 2019 that they would be welcoming RK Pharma into their community. This Pharmaceutical company will be making “injectables” according to the news report.

So, while a quarantine is meant to keep sick individuals from the public. Not healthy ones. And just because someone is unvaccinated, that doesn’t make them sick or infectious. Can we really say that this whole “get your vaccine” or be barred from going out in public is really about protecting anyone? I’d say it seems that a county official wanted to make RK Pharma feel at home in Rockland County by forcing “injectables” on those who won’t willingly inject their children with everything Big Pharma wants to pump into our kids.

We are going to keep seeing more of this in the news, but we must never accept this tyrannical grab for our freedoms. We need to begin mobilizing in a way that physically shows the government and health professionals that we will no longer stand by while they bully citizens into a corner. We will not stand by while our constitutional rights are being trampled.

Do not let the language of outbreaks and bans stifle your voice. It is more important speak up and get out and fight than ever.

Written by Dr. Dale Brown