Start Somewhere: 6 Easy, Healthy Changes for Kids

When you think of a mom that makes healthy choices for her children, what do you think of? Many of us might think of the perfect mom. The one whose children are perfectly scrubbed, wearing ironed clothes and joyfully eating organic granola that the Mom picked from a sunny granola field she planted. That’s where granola comes from right? A bag or a field? 😉 The kids probably helped in the granola field after doing their homework, and chores, with no complaints. This vision of the perfect mom might make healthy choices for kids seem overwhelming. Don’t let that happen.

You don’t have to be the perfect, healthy mom. It’s hard to start making healthy choices for ourselves. It can be harder to make healthy changes for our children. If you start small with a few changes you will see some positive changes in the health of your children. The small changes add up! We have 6 easy health changes you can pick from to get you started.

6 Healthy Changes for Kids

1- Drink More Water

If your kids are thirsty, they need more water not juice or soda. Water is so important for a healthy and functioning body. Most people don’t get enough including children! Juice and soda come with added sugars and no nutritional benefits. You’re thinking, “Yeah, but how do I get my kids to drink water,” right? Add drops of stevia for a healthy way to sweeten and flavor your water. Another option is to freeze fruit in your ice cubes or add fresh fruit to the water for fruit-infused water. Berries and citrus fruits work great!

2- Skip the Drive-Thru

We know your kids are excited about the toy. So are ours! A meal needs to be nutritious. Eating out generally means foods full of fats, sugars and preservatives. It also means increased exposure to cancer causing chemicals. It’s not worth the convenience to be unhealthy. Planning ahead can help you offer real foods that will be healthier for your entire family. Plan and pack healthy snacks for when you are on the go. Here are some of our healthy snack ideas for when you are on the go. Remember kids learn from adults so be a good role model. Check out some of our easy recipes and our article on freezing meals ahead which can make it so much easier to have a healthy meal on hand.

3- More Outside Time and Less Electronics Time

The average kid aged 8-10 spends 6 hours a day in front of a screen for entertainment! That’s a lot of time in front of a screen and not outside! There are so many benefits to being outside including stronger immune system, better sleep, problem solving, more Vitamin D and connection to nature! Being outside also usually means more opportunities for physical activity which is so important to health. How do we get them outside?  Cut the electronics time by letting them have 20 minutes of electronics if they spend 20 minutes outside. It’s worth it to increase that time outside. Learn more in our article, 8 ways Muddy Kids are Healthier.

4- Grounding- No Not the Time Out!

We are talking about earthing. When you send your kids outside, skip the shoes and send them with bare feet. It’s that simple and a pretty cheap health change! Grounding is the best source of electrons and free antioxidants. When your kids start to ground they will have a reduction in inflammation and sleep better.

Learn more in Doc’s Quick Tip on Grounding.

5- Pack their Lunches

Obesity is on the rise and so are the chemicals found in school lunches. Packing a healthy lunch will go a long way to making sure your children are getting a healthy lunch that leaves them healthier and ready to learn. We have some tips to keep it easy, healthy and fun!

6- Switch Treats!

Healthy treats can taste good! Swapping the unhealthy treats for healthy ones is a change your kids won’t even notice. Unless they notice they seem to be getting more treats because you feel good about them! Did you know that you could make fudgesicles that taste good and are healthy? They are made with avocado, which are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. So tasty! Check out some of our other favorite recipes and these suckers you can buy made with xylitol.

Healthy Changes for Kids Get Easier

Remember you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent. Every healthy choice you make for your family adds up to a healthier family. Pick a few and just start. Healthy choices get easier through the journey and along the way you might realize just how perfect you are at being healthy!

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