The Bogus Natural Movement and Dr. Oz Effect

A lot of people think because Pathway To Wellness is different than the traditional medical approach that we are the natural approach. They get so excited when they see us.

“Hey Doc, I totally get it. I don’t take any medications and want to do things all natural.”

Hold the phone. You’re taking 20 supplements! What happens if you don’t take those supplements? They say, “Well, I can’t poop.”

If you need to take a bunch of supplements to poop or feel normal, then you’re still sick. You’re still sick because the thinking of the bogus natural movement and traditional medicine are the same. We have to change that thinking.

The natural movement will apply the same medical thinking to your symptoms, but with natural remedies. The system of medicine is toward acute care or treating the immediate problem or symptom. We call them firemen because they put out your immediate fire without addressing the rebuilding of the body.

The natural approach has taken on that same thinking. Instead of giving you an ace inhibitor for your high blood pressure, they treat your symptoms with fish oils, B12 shots, CoQ10, magnesium, potassium and other natural remedies. They are treating the symptoms instead of finding out why the body is displaying the symptom. One patient can have high blood pressure for a totally different reason than another.

We Don’t Guess We Test

The body doesn’t make mistakes. If there is a symptom there is a reason why the body is trying to adapt and it’s not the symptom that you need to fix. You need to test and find out how to get your body to function. We aren’t all the same. If you think of your neighbors, family members, or your spouse, you know everybody is different. Why would applying the same medication, or natural treatment, to one person work for everyone. It wouldn’t. That’s why at Pathway To Wellness, we don’t guess we test. It doesn’t make any sense to assume everybody needs the same thing and that just because it works for one person that it will work for everyone with those symptoms.

The Dr. Oz Effect and the Natural Movement

Who is the king of the natural movement? Dr. Oz! He is famous for this. Dr. Oz could put a one-armed man on his show and give him turmeric, so his arm grows back. When his arm grows back what happens to 3 million one-armed men the next day? They go out and buy turmeric. Boy are they disappointed when their arms don’t grow back. This is called the Dr. Oz effect. I didn’t make it up. Google it.

The Dr. Oz effect is when a product or treatment is featured on his show and tons of people rush out to try that product. Even though all of these people are different and have diverse reasons for their symptoms. The neti pot was featured on the Dr. Oz Show and sales went up 12,000% and searches on the topic went up 42,000%. Nobody ever searched raspberry ketones and green tea extract but after mentions on the Dr. Oz show they are trending. The king of natural remedies always has some big hype to offer and people fall for it.
But there are no side effects! That’s what I heard from a very upset natural practitioner after one of my talks. She said that at least with the natural movement you don’t get the side effects of the medical system. She stumped me there for a bit, she was right. After that, I thought about it for a long time. After a lot of thinking, I thought of one side effect- a smaller pocket book. You’ll spend all that money on supplements, but what will you get for it?

Bogus Natural Movement Fails

Which will fail first the medicine or natural remedy? The thing about treating symptoms with natural remedies is the natural remedy will fail first. A medical drug can force your body to do something. If you give a guy Viagra, his body will respond whether he wants it to or not. That doesn’t happen with natural methods. You guys have heard this about natural remedies or had it happen to you. You took some things it helped for a little while, but it stopped working. It didn’t continue to work like it did in the beginning. It gave you false hope and then you’re back on the medication you were on in the first place.

That’s why the bogus natural movement and the Dr. Oz effect are failing people. They take the same approach as the medical system, but it doesn’t heal the body. It may (or may not) mask the symptoms for a while but it doesn’t get to addressing the body as a whole. That’s why Pathway To Wellness Approach is different. We aren’t the medical approach and we aren’t the natural approach. We want you to think differently.

When you think differently, you get tested and see a proficient practitioner who will look past your symptoms to bring your body back to balance, or homestasis. That’s what will alleviate those symptoms. Find a doctor that will treat your body as an individual, like Dr. Rick Hellmann in Fort Mill, SC. You shouldn’t have to rely on an herb or a medication to poop or feel normal in other ways. Don’t get caught up in the Dr. Oz effect and buy a bunch of natural cures. That’s the thinking of the bogus natural movement.

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Written By Dr. Patrick Flynn