The Most Powerful Weapon Against the Flu: Boost Your Immune System 200%

It’s beloved football season and that dreaded “flu season.” When we start to see the illnesses go up we like to call it “low vitamin D and eating too much sugar season.” That’s when we see people arming themselves against the flu with Lysol and threatening to spray it at anyone with the sniffles. Pardon me if I rolled my eyes. Honey dear, Lysol isn’t going to help you! It’s toxic. Eating healthy, getting vitamin D, and herbs can help prevent the flu, but you want to know what the most powerful weapon against the flu is? Getting adjusted!

I’d shout it from the rooftops if I could! Get adjusted! An adjustment will remove stresses, stimulate the immune system and increase the immune response. It helps to reduce stress by removing interference in the nervous system. You know what’s connected to your nervous system? Your immune system. So, making sure nothing is interfering with the immune system is critical.

If your body has stress, it’s fighting that instead of the virus you’re exposed to. Studies show that just 15 minutes after an adjustment white blood cells are increased. One study performed in 1975 by Dr. Ronald Pero, showed patients who received regular chiropractic treatments had a 200% immune aptitude over those who weren’t receiving chiropractic care.

There are so many studies on the immune boosting effectiveness of getting adjusted. One of my favorite studies looked at two groups of patients who were HIV positive over a 6-month period. One group was given chiropractic adjustments and the other was not. The group that didn’t get adjustments had a 7.94% decrease in CD4 cells while those who had an adjustment had a 48% percent increase. CD4 cells are cells that fight infection. Seeing a 48% increase in one group compare to a 7.9% decrease is a big deal. So, one group had a huge immune boost getting adjusted.

Chiropractic History of Flu Fighting

As a chiropractor, we know how powerful adjustments are, so we make sure we, and our families, are protecting our immune systems. Our little ones are getting adjusted from an early age. It’s a part of our lifestyle. Something most of our patients probably don’t know is that there was a time in the early 1900s when chiropractors lost their license to practice. The power of chiropractic is actually why you see us practicing today. There was a huge flu epidemic in 1918 and with the medical system overwhelmed people were desperate for care. They had few places to turn.

Palmer School of Chiropractic was still open in Davenport, Iowa, and people went there to be cared for by chiropractors, students and faculty. During the epidemic, they treated 1,635 cases of the flu and only 1 person died. Medical doctors in Davenport, Iowa treated 4,953 cases of the flu and 274 of those patients died. That is a huge difference is death rates! Similar stories happened across the United States, which led to chiropractic licensure in many states. That’s how powerful chiropractic was against the flu epidemic.

This story and stories like it are so ingrained in what we do, and how we practice, that chiropractors forget to tell patients sometimes. You deserve to know because it can make huge impacts on your health! One report compared patients whose primary care physician was a chiropractor to those who sought conventional medicine and found some very telling results. Over a 7-year period, the patients who saw chiropractors had 60% fewer in-hospital admissions, 59% fewer hospital stays, 62% fewer outpatient surgeries/procedures and 85% lower pharmaceutical costs. Is that enough convincing for you?

Come When You are Healthy and Sick

We get calls all the time from patients who want to cancel their appointment because they are sick. Y’all please, we get adjusted all the time. Don’t stop yourself from coming in and getting all the immune boosting benefits of a chiropractic adjustment because you are worried about getting one of us sick. I have treated so many flu patients and never gotten sick. Even if I did get sick, I have the immune system to fight it off. Remember, we talked about how chiropractic boosts your immune system by 200%!

My little ones have always gotten adjusted as soon as they start to feel sick. They ask for the adjustment. My oldest son had a case of mono when he was very young, like 6 or 7. He had a fever for weeks and he hurt all over. He would cry the whole time I adjusted him because he felt so bad. Nobody wants to be touched when they hurt all over let alone get a chiropractic adjustment. Every day, he would still ask for an adjustment because he knew he would feel better after. He’s 16 now and still gets adjusted regularly.

Powerful Weapon Against the Flu

Get the whole family adjusted if someone is sick and keep that coughing mess from spreading through your house. One of my patients and her husband came down with the flu. Her husband did not get adjusted and he ran a fever for 5 or 6 days with a cough that lasted more than a week. Her fever only lasted a few days because she was getting adjusted and her cough lasted less than a week. If you feel like you’re starting to come down with something get adjusted. It will knock it out or at least give it a good kick in the butt so you’re not down for so long.

If you are healthy stay healthy by using the most powerful weapon against the flu. Forget the flu freak-out and put down the Lysol. Regular chiropractic treatment has been shown to boost the immune system by 200% compared to those who are not receiving chiropractic treatment.

A chiropractic adjustment is your most powerful weapon against the flu. Whether you have the first signs of the flu or the full-blown flu, call your chiropractor to schedule an appointment. You deserve the benefits and to get better faster.

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