They Said She Couldn’t Have Children: He Disagreed and Wrote a Book

“When the woman of my dreams was told that she couldn’t have children, I listened to all the professionals who were trying to help her and something just didn’t make sense,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn as he remembers the experience that led him to a new way of thinking about health. A way of thinking that would 20 years later lead him to write the book, “I Disagree: How These Two Words Are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health.”

“I wondered how it could be that this beautiful woman couldn’t have children. It wasn’t just that she couldn’t have children, but she felt horrible. She had a number of health issues and saw many specialists who used everything they knew to relieve her suffering,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn. His now wife, Christy Flynn, had many health problems including migraine headaches, GI issues like ulcerative colitis, and reproductive issues like endometriosis.

“From their perspective, the outlook was bleak. They tried to offer relief, but they couldn’t offer hope,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn. That’s when the young man who was just about to graduate from chiropractic school started to really dive into his research and learned everything he could about hormones.

“I looked at her and I told her I disagree with what they are saying,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn. “Don’t worry about any of this. You’re going to be okay.”

“I believed Patrick. I trusted him and we started going in a completely different direction,” says Christy Flynn. It was an approach that looked more at how to support the body and not just treat symptoms. It wasn’t overnight, but she started to feel better.

They Took a Different Path for Health

“What I learned was to focus on how the body was functioning not just the symptoms,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn. “The human body is like a Swiss Watch. It is very complex and composed of many, many parts. If even the smallest gear is off, it can impact everything including the bigger gears.”

“Before I met Patrick, I had tried just about everything,” says Christy Flynn. “When I started to take some homeopathic tinctures and herbs, I felt a little better, but months and even years later I was still struggling with the same things.  If I didn’t take my supplements–man, was I in excruciating pain!”

“I felt so sick that I never pictured my life past 25, let alone a happy, healthy life with a family,” says Christy Flynn. “When I told him what the doctors had told me, I couldn’t believe he still wanted to be with me even though I couldn’t have children.”

Christy Flynn starts to tear up as she talks about her health and family today. “I feel so healthy now. No daily headaches, no fatigue, and no painful periods,” she says. “I’m so grateful for the family we have with our 4 beautiful girls and our life together.”  Their oldest daughter is 15 now and their youngest is 5. The family enjoys cooking healthy meals and playing golf together.

I Disagree Expanded

Dr. Patrick Flynn brought his new approach to his growing practice and over the years had great success getting clinical results for patients. Many of whom were told that there were no options, or the options were drugs or surgery that would diminish their quality of life. There was another way.

Now that practice has grown into Pathway To Wellness, a network of 50+ clinics in 25 states that is known for a revolutionary approach to health, empowering patients, and clinical results.

The next step was to write a book. “This information is too important not to share. There are too many people who are sick and getting sicker who aren’t even aware there is a different approach,” says Flynn. In the book, readers will learn more about Christy Flynn’s health journey and how Dr. Patrick Flynn developed a new way of thinking about health.

Sharing the Story

Flynn says the “I Disagree” book is for anyone who disagrees with the current health status quo or like his wife, has been told that their medical outlook is bleak. “They were actually right,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn. “If Christy continued down their path, they knew exactly what was in store for her, and exactly what they could offer. But I disagreed and it led to a different outcome for her. We want to share that story and the approach with this book so others can take control of their health.”

Join Dr. Patrick Flynn at his upcoming I Disagree Event and Book Launch on May 17 to learn more about how to take control of your health and get results.