Traveling with Supplements: 8 Ideas for Easy Travel

Your health is on track, you have a new zest for life and you want to travel the world! You and the big line up of supplements that got you to your new-found health! Some people can be on quite a few things for their health protocol. That can make traveling seem a little daunting because who wants a health setback when they are exploring new frontiers? Traveling with supplements doesn’t have to be scary.

Don’t worry it can be, and should be, done! And you are not alone in your journey. Lots of us have been there before, and we have a few ideas to make your travel easier. No supplement left behind!

Traveling with Supplements

1- Plan ahead for long trips 

Wrap and package them really well then ship them in advance to your hotel. Hotels will hold your package for you and you will have extra space in your suitcase for the 10 extra pairs of underwear you will bring. If you’re like your average person- Always overprepared in the underwear but without fail forget the toothbrush.

2- Pack Well

There is an element of risk when traveling with liquid supplements. Lots of bubble wrap, duct tape, and zip-loc bags for extra protection can help prevent staining by a rogue bottle of turmeric. If you are using full size bottles a collapsible lunch box is the perfect size to keep your supplements in and protects them from temperature and light.

3- Just take what you need

Go with only what you need based on time and where you are going. Sometimes you can get creative and find aloe at Whole Foods or a natural foods store. You might also be able to buy some of your better, high quality herbs once you get there. With over 50 clinics across the United States, you might find a clinic at your destination to buy your favorite herbal supplements at. If you’re taking your RV across the country plan your route to visit Pathway To Wellnesss and pick up what you need along the way. Free T-shirt if you take a selfie at all 50!

If you are flying, there is always a chance that your supplements will get lost or an agent will think they look suspicious. Many have traveled with supplements with no concerns but stuff happens. Just take what you need so that a loss isn’t a big loss.

4- Protect from Heat and Light

If you are flying, bottles larger than 3.4 oz. will have to go in your checked bag, but, if possible, keep your supplements in your carry on. Your checked luggage may go through some extreme temperatures on the tarmac and in the cargo hold.

If you are traveling by car, don’t leave them in the car. Again, extreme temps and light will damage your supplements. Those supplements were carefully grown and packaged just for you- don’t abuse them!

5- Cute, Little Bottles Travel Nice

You can order small bottles to transfer just what you need into. This way you don’t risk losing an expensive large bottle of supplements and your large bottle can be there waiting for you when you get home. You can order in various sizes including 1 oz. and 2 oz. that are under the 3.4 oz maximum if you are taking them in a carry-on bag.

If you are in a pinch and two-day shipping won’t get here fast enough, go to the liquor store to buy the shot-size liquor bottles.  Empty out the liquor bottles- your choice on where you put the liquor. It wouldn’t be responsible for us to tell you to drink it all. Then wash the bottles and put the amount of each herb you will need in the individual bottles. They are the perfect size and don’t cost much at all!

6- Are Your Supplements Temperature Sensitive

Most of your liquid herbs will be fine for a few hours as you travel as long as they are not exposed to extreme light and heat. Probiotics on the other hand have to be cold so a cooler is an option. You have to think of how you will store them once you get there. Is there a refrigerator in your room?

Megabiotic chewables are an option instead because they will last for a few weeks at room temperature. You can also bring the Megabiotic Powder, but you may want to leave this white powder in an original sealed container, so it doesn’t look so suspicious.

7- No-anxiety Travel with CBD Oil

Whether you have CBD oil for your regular health protocol or to reduce anxiety when flying, it can make travelers nervous when thinking about the prospect of bringing their CBD oil through airport security or over state borders. The DEA and FDA do not consider CBD oil, that is made from industrial hemp, to be in the same realm as psychoactive cannabis. That makes it a supplement that many have traveled with without problem.

You can check your bottle to see if your CBD oil is made from industrial hemp. If you purchased yours in a state that has medical marijuana and it has more than 0.3 percent THC then you could run into problems. Check out ours instead.

To make you feel more comfortable, a doctor’s note identifying your usage of CBD oil can be an extra level of security that will keep you from getting anxious. This knowledge and a few drops of CBD oil will keep your anxiety levels down without the psychoactive effects.

8- Supplements to Make Travel Easier

Now that you know you can easily bring your supplements with you- we have a few you might want to add. When you are traveling you can come across all sorts of pathogens and bad foods that can throw your health plan off track. A few supplements are handy to have on hand to keep illness and inflammation in check.

Being in a big metal box flying through the sky, sharing the same air as a “couple” different people, and then walking through the airport passing thousands of people exposes you to a lot of germs. Silver spray and activated charcoal are great ways to support your body during travel. Give yourself a few squirts of silver to kill germs. Start taking the activated charcoal a few days before you travel so it’s in your body, and ready to bind to anything that doesn’t belong there.

Your gut can get really messed up when you travel. Extra Well-Zyme Complex and probiotics (or Megabiotic powder) to keep your gut healthy and on track while you travel are a great idea. This can be hard to do with all the different foods you might be eating. You don’t want to deal with an upset stomach when you’re traveling!

Medicinal mushrooms (no, not the magic kind) are great adaptogens to help with immune support. They help your body adapt to different stresses. You can get them in capsules and they will travel easy.

Go explore the World

There is a whole big world to explore out there. You don’t have to leave your supplements, or your health, behind. Bring your supplements along to support your health when you need it the most. If you have any tips about traveling with supplements leave them in the comments.