We Have You Covered: Healthy Foundation, Tints, and Creams

Nobody wants to be covered in toxins and that includes our makeup coverage. We deserve healthy makeup coverage options. We know how important detoxing is and the products we use every day on our body can muck up the body’s ability to naturally detox. That’s why a healthy foundation is important!

There are over 10,000 chemicals that are commonly used in personal care products, including makeup like foundation. The average woman will start her day putting on 12 personal care products, and if she isn’t choosing her products carefully, means she’s starting her day being exposed to hundreds of potential toxins. It can be overwhelming to choose all new options for products like shampoomascara, and face scrub. It’s can be tough to find good ones that match up to the toxic options we are used to.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. I asked some of our awesome Wellness Way ladies what they use for coverage to keep their skin looking so awesome. They were familiar with finding coverage without the chemicals, and they are always happy to share some of their best tips! Check them out for healthy foundation, tint and cream ideas.

What Healthy Foundations Can You Find in Wellness Way Makeup Bags?

Clarice Jones, Maxwell Family Chiropractic- A Wellness Way Affiliate, Columbia, MO

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation It scored a 2 on EWG, so it’s a safe option, plus it’s easily available, and not too expensive unlike a lot of safer options. It goes on so smooth, and never feels cakey or like you’re wearing a ton of makeup, but it still has really nice coverage.

Briauna Utrie, Wellness Way Enterprises, Green Bay, WI

I use L’Bri Perfect Finish Dual Action Compact. Goes on so easy and you don’t need much to cover your face. It’s made with minerals and aloe, and it’s oil-free!

Krista Schabel RN, Pathway To Wellness- Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

I hardly ever wear foundation, but when I do, it’s Everyday Minerals. I love this brand and the prices are phenomenal. It also lasts forever, even when I was wearing it daily.

Lisa Harper White, The Wellness Way – Meridianville, Meridianville AL

I use Jane Iredale. It’s free of synthetic fragrances, talc, parabens, phthalates and GMO ingredients.

Dr. Catrina Lindvig, Lindvig Family Chiropractic- A Wellness Way Affiliate, Williston, ND

I just switched to Crunchi foundation. Great coverage, super light feeling, and certified organic! Fragrance, talc, paraben, and phthalate free!

Dr. Steffanie Nemitz Kohn, Nemitz Family Chiropractic- A Wellness Way Affiliate, Benton, WI

I love Beautycounter’s tinted moisturizer as my foundation it’s light, keeps my skin smooth and lasts all day! I also love their bronzer as well.

Amanda Primm Buckner, Miller Family Chiropractic- A Wellness Way Affiliate, Madison, MS

I don’t wear foundation but if I have a special event that I want to feel dolled up, I will wear a tinted moisturizer by Pacifica. Usually just a little rose hip oil for a healthy glow. It really helps reduce scars and fine lines. Also, it’s a fatty acid and an antioxidant which helps with cell regeneration. After a few weeks you won’t need foundation.

Brianna Simoens, Wellness Way Enterprises, Green Bay, WI

Honest bronzer is my jam!  I add it to my diaper order a few times a year. it seems like it lasts forever, worth the money and decently priced for lasting months. Has a little mirror, fits well in my purse.. add a brush and it’s easy touch ups. It covers decently, for the most part, and it’s all I use as “foundation/powder.”

Dr. Jordan Biertzer, Pathway To Wellness- Flathead Valley, Flathead, MT

Mineral Fusion brand anythingggg – Incredible and isn’t the kind of makeup that’s cakey, which is awesome! It also stays on well all day, and it’s hard to find makeup that does that.

Stefanie Kelley Haines, Harney County Fitness – A Wellness Way Affiliate, Burns, OR 

I’m an Arbonne girl! I have been using it for 7 years! Anti-aging line is the bomb, NO eye wrinkles!! Stays on all day and through the night time workout classes.

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