You Got a Cold! Now What?

Friends share tips not colds! Here are 10 natural tools to add to your arsenal!

Someone gave you a cold and now you want to know what to do? Tell them thank you for challenging your immune system! Yeah, probably not going to happen. Right?! The best of us get caught on the wrong end of a wayward sneeze or a sloppy kiss from a runny-nosed toddler. Then there are the kids. Our kids run into all sorts of germs on the play ground and in life. Why do kids have to touch everything in the bathroom? You can’t avoid the germs so, it is going to happen. At some point you were going to get a cold and will need natural cold remedies.

Don’t worry, you have this! Many of you have been exercising, getting your allergies tested, avoiding inflammatory foods, soaking in your Vitamin d, and getting good rest, so your immune system is ready for the challenge. Plus, we have some natural cold survival tips that will help you get through any cold germs you encounter like a champ.

Natural Cold Remedies: 10 Tools to Survive That Cold

Don’t get mad! Fight the cold with these cold remedies.

1 – Echinacea is Strong

A great defense tool is echinacea. Echinacea has a strong flavor that lingers.  If it doesn’t linger you don’t have a high-quality herb. A high-quality echinacea will enhance the immune system, promote healthy white blood cells, and encourage healthy upper respiratory function. You will hate the taste that lingers but you will love how it shortens your cold.

2 – Mushrooms Do More

Medicinal mushrooms are great to take for prevention and will help your body when you are fighting a cold. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga are great for immune support with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. On our website we offer a blend of 17 potent medicinal mushrooms. 

3 – Silver Slays the Cold

Silver hydrosol, a form of colloidal silver, has many properties that will boost your immune system by helping fight those bacteria, viruses and fungi that pass along sickness.

4 – Garlic is So Tasty and Good for You

Garlic is not only delicious, it has antibacterial and antifungal qualities that make it a great addition to your cold fighting arsenal. It is 100 times more effective than two well-know antibiotics at fighting disease causing bacteria.

5 – Grandma Was Right About Chicken Soup

Grandma was right about this one! Chicken soup will help make you feel better and help you fight that cold with its nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. The hot liquid helps you breathe easier and it’s hydrating because it has both liquid and salt. Getting the collagen and amino acids found in a good chicken bone broth will help repair the lining of your gut which will boost your immune system for the future. You also get a lot of great anti-oxidants and vitamins from the vegetables you put in a great chicken soup. Who wouldn’t feel better after a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup?

6 – Rest to Fight the Cold Monster

Your immune system rebuilds, and your body heals while you sleep. Resist the urge to power through to keep up with your normal schedule and a heavy exercise regimen. Those stuffy noses and coughs can keep you up when you should be getting much needed rest so plan for extra time to catch those z’s.

7 – Apple Cider Vinegar Wins

Apple cider vinegar has so many benefits and we recommend it to help you fight your cold too! ACV is full of nutrients, antioxidants and probiotics that will help build up your immune system to help fight the cold. It also has acetic acid which can help kill bacteria in the gut without harming the good flora. Drink a tablespoon or add some ACV to a nice, warm bath to enjoy the immune boosting, antibacterial qualities.

8 – Essential Oils

Essential oils can help you feel a little more normal and give you some comfort. Grab some eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil to rub on the chest or feet to help you breathe and alleviate symptoms. Oregano oil also has antibacterial qualities. Popular essential oil blends combine citrus and spice for cold relief.

9 – Say No to Sugar

Sugar cause massive inflammation which is bad for your immune system and can lengthen your cold. If all your white blood cells are working overtime fighting inflammation they aren’t working on fighting your cold. Skip the cookies. They aren’t going to make you feel better. If you are craving something sweet try xylitol instead.

10 – Get Adjusted

Chiropractic adjustments are great for prevention and also important during an illness. Don’t cancel your appointment because you’re sick! Make one! An adjustment can help alleviate inflammation and take stress off the nervous system so that the body can focus on fighting the illness. Studies show increased white blood cells in just 15 minutes after an adjustment which is a good reason to visit your chiropractor when sick.

Natural Cold Remedies Means You Got This!

It’s not your fault you got a cold. It was bound to happen and it’s a sign of a healthy immune system. Your body is ready to take on this cold. You just need to support it and now you have some great ideas and tools. Share them with the person who gave you the cold, so they feel better soon too! Maybe next time they will keep their germs to themselves.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn