Aloe, Are You There? Plant of Immortality

It’s the plant of Immortality- I didn’t start that though. The Egyptians were calling aloe that 6,000 years ago. They were on to something. The way I talk about aloe you would think I owned stock in the company. I don’t, but maybe I should! It’s so great nutritionally and clinically to have aloe juice in your diet. You know what? I’m going to call it the Plant of Performance. It performs!

Many of the medical mindset might use it as a response to inflammation but I’d recommend it as a building block to prevent inflammation in the first place. Why wait until you are sick when it has so many great qualities?

Aloe is a succulent that grows easily in your house no matter where you live (unless you are like Dawn who loved her aloe plant so much it committed suicide). It just needs a little sun and be careful not to over water them. If you care for your aloe plant, it will care for you. There are so many uses for it you will soon be slathering yourself in aloe like you were Queen Cleopatra.

I’m going to talk about some of the great uses for aloe and why I love it. It’s been known to aid in a wide range of areas. We can’t cover them all because there are so many, and you will find lots of people have their own reasons for loving this juicy plant.

Staying Hydrated

Speaking of juicy ….Aloe is hydrating. The inner clear gel is 99% water! So many people are underhydrated so adding aloe to your diet can be very beneficial. Staying hydrated is huge for everyone it helps your body stay in balance allowing cells to function along with all those organ systems in the body.

Staying hydrated is especially important for athletes. Aloe is not only hydrating it has some great electrolyte minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. These are so important if you are working out, so you can replace those electrolytes you are sweating out.

Aloe juice is better than Gatorade and has less sugar. On its own aloe juice doesn’t taste that great. Combine coconut water and aloe juice with some pineapple for flavor to make a great post work-out drink.

Active Components

Aloe has 75 active components. It’s full of of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These are building blocks for a healthy body and antioxidants rid the body of free radicals. You will also find enzymes, sugars, fatty acids, sterols and hormones that help the body and have anti-inflammatory impacts.

There are 12 anthraquinones that are only found in the aloe plant. These phenolic compounds work as laxatives and aid in digestion. Aloe also has 20 of the 22 of the amino acids the human body requires and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are amino acids that the body doesn’t make so it’s required to get them from the diet to function. (1) Aloe has 7 of them!

It’s 99% water but has these massive components that help us build our body.

Plant of Immortality Performs: 8 great Uses

There are hundreds of great uses and these are just a few that many people can benefit from. I could go on for days but we will keep it to 8 uses.

1) Aloe is going to help with massive intestinal growth and repair.

Vitamin A is great for gut repair and all the healing qualities of aloe are going to be great for building a healthy gut. Aloe also inhibits the growth of candida. Add this great food to your diet in a smoothie.

2) Makes pooping good.

Not having enough bowel movements is detrimental to human health. If we can get people to poop regularly we can change their lives. That’s one of the reasons we recommend aloe to new patients along with its great anti-inflammatory qualities. Pooping once a day is not enough. If that’s all you’re pooping- you’re constipated. Have a shot of aloe 15 minutes before a meal to prepare your digestive tract for smooth digestion.

When you drink aloe juice it works all the way from your mouth to the exit point, you have all these microbes throughout your digestive tract that can use it as a prebiotic. It’s used as a food for the bacteria that protect you and help with your digestion. So, it’s wonderful for feeding normal flora. You have a ton of normal flora on your skin that’s another reason why it’s even good to put aloe on your skin.

3) Aloe is awesome for your hormones.

Aloe has 4 plant sterols including cholesterol. Don’t let that scare you off. Cholesterol is needed for cellular repair and is a building block for steroid hormones. Your body needs cholesterol to build hormones!

Plant-based cholesterol along with plant-based zinc and amino acids does wonders to increase your testosterone for the guys and all the needed hormones for the ladies. You ladies have lots of needed-hormones so don’t skimp on the cholesterol.

4) Minimize skin aging with great skin care.

There is no such thing as anti-aging- there is only well-aging. You are getting older no matter what you do so age well! I always use coconut oil and aloe on my skin to keep me looking good and baby butt soft. The antioxidants, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory qualities are great for your skin. Remember that cellular repairing cholesterol? It helps with skin repair too!

Aloe contains glucomannan which is a rich long-chain polysaccharide that is actually listed as a growth hormone. With cholesterol, zinc and a growth hormone that stimulates the fibroblasts in our body to help with collagen production. Aloe has become popular in skincare products because it stimulates growth hormone, collagen production, reduces wrinkles. (2)

5) Aloe heals the skin.

For all the reasons its good for skin care, it’s also great for healing bug bites, sun burns, cuts and other inflammations. It works amazing and provides fast relief! Studies have shown that it helps with chronic psoriasis, burns, dermatitis and inflammation.

6) It can help to lower blood glucose.

There have been studies that show that aloe juice can help lower blood sugar. It’s estimated that 33% of American adults over 18 have prediabetes and that increases as you age to almost half of those over 65. (3) Aloe can be a way to help control the blood sugar and avert a very damaging disease.

7) Aloe is great for shaving.

It does a wonderful job as a shaving gel and is very soothing. If you accidentally nick yourself, it’s there to help with the healing.

8) Use aloe as a mouth wash.

I won’t lie to you it tastes like dirty water. I don’t care if it tastes bad… it’s amazing. Combine aloe juice with a few drops of essential oils like clover, peppermint or lemon for a health and flavor boost. Aloe massively reduces gingivitis. It stimulates fibroblasts in gums to fight gingivitis. It has great anti-inflammatory qualities. That’s why it’s in toothpastes!

Change Your Life

Now that you know the massive benefits of aloe -it’s time to incorporate it into your life. It’s one of the greatest building-block, medicinal herbs on the planet and it’s so easy to get. It’s easy to grab at your local grocery store. Or better yet-grow your own. It is an easy house plant.

If you are buying it, make sure you find a brand that has good organic, whole-leaf and preservative-free option like my favorite, Lily of the Desert. Those bright, green brands at your local big-box store aren’t what you are looking for. There have been claims that those have no aloe in them (4)

Some people go out and buy the aloe gel. Don’t do that if you are drinking it- it tastes like snot. Aloe juice is what you want. Aloe juice tastes a little better but still tastes like swamp water. Believe me, swamp water is better than snot.

Aloe juice is an amazing food that should be a regular part of your diet. If you have not started anything in your health venture – this should be the first thing. Remember, you aren’t buying it for its tasty flavor unless you like swamp water. Who does?

Use food as your medicine. We forget food is to build a healthy body not just for how it tastes! Give your body what it needs. This message today could change the direction of not only your life or someone you love. One of the simplest things to get them back on the road to recovery and to see them live a better and healthier life is to incorporate aloe.

How do you incorporate aloe into your life?

By Dr. Patrick Flynn