Healthy Holidays: 9 Ideas on Santa’s Good List

It’s hard to make it through the holidays to new year’s while maintaining health. As the Christmas lights go up and holiday party season picks up it becomes harder to make healthy choices. If you made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving while staying on a healthy path you are doing good. If you didn’t, don’t throw it all out the window. We are here to help you have healthy holidays!

We know there is always someone whispering in your ear, “It’s ok. Everything in moderation.” Which makes a lot of sense as you graze the barrage of holiday treats. If you think about it …this is stupid.

The problem is your body doesn’t know “moderation.” It just knows if what you are putting in it is good or bad. Will you be fueling your body for a healthy holiday or setting your body up for inflammation, colds, flu and unnecessary calories?

You can be healthy during the holidays and be proud once that New Year hits. Follow Santa’s Good Health List.

Santa’s Good Health List

1 Focus on fun-

Don’t let the holidays be about the food and the emotions those foods remind you of. Build memories. Go sledding or ice skating. Enjoy the holiday lights and decorating your Christmas tree. It’s not about the food, it’s about the people you are building those memories with.

2 Don’t Be Fooled

Holiday cheer does not come in a mug or in the form of a baked good. Don’t be fooled by the holiday marketing of foods and drinks that are bad for you. Those who fall for the marketing find out: sugar is the reason for the flu season. Sugar is addictive and just one can derail your healthy plans.

3 Find Yummy Alternatives

Find yummy alternatives to unhealthy snacks so you don’t easily cave.

4 Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. If you have prepared snacks and meals ahead you won’t give yourself permission to eat a quick unhealthy meal. Check out this article on freezer meals to help you plan ahead.

5 Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated! You might not be hungry. You might just be thirsty! Make sure to drink healthy drinks with water being your first choice.

6 Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed to keep you healthy. Winter means a lot less sun for those of us far from the equator. Vitamin D has so many health benefits including keeping your immune system strong. Get outside to build that snowman and memories. Also, find a supplement so you aren’t Vitamin D deficient.

7 Health is NOT Rude

It’s not rude to put your health first. You do not have to eat those cookies just because grandma baked all day. She could have saved some time and cut up some fruit and veggies. We often eat things we don’t even want to just be polite. I’m telling you – you don’t have to do it. Put YOUR health first.

8 Offer to Bring a Healthy Dish

You can be a helpful guest taking some of the work off your host while making sure there is a healthy dish you will enjoy. You might be surprised at the relief other guests will have when they see your healthy alternative in the holiday spread. We all get a little overwhelmed by the holiday indulgence. Try this healthy dish like the Broccoli Salad Recipe or Cookie Dough Hummus Recipe. We have a lot of fun ideas in our Healthy Desserts e-book you can sign up to download for FREE.

9 Don’t Overdo It

Schedule time for yourself and your family. When you are over stretched you make bad choices and don’t have time to plan ahead. This also adds stress and we know how toxic stress can be for our health. All the healthy food you eat won’t make a difference if your gut is a ball of stress. Building memories does not mean rushing from place to place. It means enjoying the time with those you love.

Healthy Holidays Are Your Choice

You can choose Santa’s Good Health List or the Bad list. This isn’t a trick question. There is nothing tricky about being healthy. You just need to make the choices that are best for you. Ring in the New Year feeling good about your health!