You Can’t Balance Your Hormones Without This

You can work on your hormones all you want but if you don’t work on this first, you won’t have success. It’s just not physically possible. Hormones are what I call a secondary problem. They are a signal that something else is off in the body. You can usually find that answer in the gut, or the stomach. The gut is ultimately the first thing you need to get resolved to have a long-term, lasting change on brain hormones, male hormones and female hormones.

Oftentimes the gut is what is causing your hormones to be out of whack, but people don’t realize it. Hormonal imbalance is very symptomatic, so you notice hormone problems before you notice a gut problem. Whether you are a man with low sex drive or a woman with painful periods, hormones impact our everyday lives. Therefore, you have to make sure your gut is healthy before you can do anything to balance your hormones.

Did you know 80% our immune system is in our gut? It’s true! And half of the neurotransmitters for our brain are made there as well. Actually, some of our neurotransmitters are totally reliant on gut health. Neurotransmitters tell your brain how much hormones your body needs. Can you see why that is important for balanced hormones? Neurotransmitters are critical for hormonal balance and they are made in your gut.

If you understand the Swiss Watch Principle, then you understand that the gut is an important gear and if you don’t have a good gut, you can’t have good hormones. You gut affects your liver, your gallbladder and so many other organs that play a part in your hormones. Whether you are a woman or a man, you need a to take care of your gut to support your hormones.

8 Steps to Rebuilding Your Gut to Help Balance Your Hormones

1 – Reduce Your Stress

Stress is one of the number one destroyers of women’s health. Chronic stress is horrible for your gut. When you are stressed your body goes into fight or flight mode. Your body thinks it is constantly under attack it is sending resources to the parts of your body that need to run or fend off an attacker. That means your body isn’t in rest and digest mode, which is needed for proper digestion and gut health.  Find ways to reduce your stress.

2 – Eat a Noninflammatory Diet Rich in Whole, Organic Foods

What you put in your stomach can make you healthy or it can make you sick. Inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat, soy, gluten, dairy and highly processed foods are very inflammatory. Choose to eat healthy, whole foods instead. Get your allergies tested because many people are allergic to some foods that are considered healthy.

3 – Enjoy Collagen Rich Foods

When you’re healing your gut, you’ll need to rebuild it. That means you need the ingredients to rebuild it and that includes collagen. Bone broth is going to help patients heal their gut the fastest by providing the collagen and amino acids to help for a speedy repair of that intestinal permeability. Find an organic one that doesn’t have preservatives, chemicals, and toxic fillers.

4 – Take Your Shots

I hope you didn’t think we were going to the bar. I don’t mean that kind of shot. There are two supplements that I recommend to my patients regularly for gut health and they are readily available in the grocery store. You might even have them in your kitchen cabinet already. Aloe is good for healing your gut, and apple cider vinegar is great for helping digestion.

5 – Get Tested

To get to the bottom of what is causing inflammation in your body you need to get tested. When patients are facing health conditions including hormonal conditions, I recommend getting their food allergies and stool tested. Inflammation from food allergies, infection, or candida will stress the system and drain the hormones. Adding synthetic hormones will offer relief of the symptoms but won’t get to the underlying problem.

6 – Reduce Inflammation

After you find the cause of the inflammation and eliminate that cause, you need to work on rebuilding your gut. Make sure you are avoiding toxins and foods that will cause inflammation. By working on healing the gut you do a lot to support the balancing of your hormones.

7 – See Your Chiropractor Regularly

Getting adjusted regularly is a good habit that supports your body’s healing and can help prevent conditions down the road. Your chiropractor removes stress from your nervous system which allows it to do its job properly. It has an important job sending messages throughout your body.

8 – Detox Your Life

You don’t want to do a full detox until you know you are ready for a detox, but you can start removing toxins from your life. They are everywhere! Some easy first steps are to make sure you are upgrading items like shampoodeodorant, cookwarelaundry soap, and cleaners. When your gut is ready, your doctor will guide you on the best way to do a proper detox.

Heal Your Gut to Balance Your Hormones

Getting a healthy gut isn’t easy but it’s worth it. Once we get the gut healed, we can get a full picture of how that body is working and balance the hormones if those hormones haven’t already rebounded on their own. Find a proficient provider to help you. By fixing the gut and balancing hormones the body can return to homeostasis and potentially prevent long term issues like autoimmune and cancer. You can’t balance your hormones without a healthy gut!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn