9 Healthy Fall Tips for Skipping the Flu Season

Children are going back to school, it’s time for football games and the pumpkin spice latte is making its return to coffee shops. These are all signs of the transition to fall and that it’s time to dig out the comfy sweaters. Fall is also a time people refer to as cold and flu season. Wait, can we have the pumpkins and fall leaves without the flu? For sure! We have some healthy fall tips and ideas for skipping what many call the cold and flu season. You really don’t have to participate in cold and flu season. It’s your choice.

Why is fall known as cold and flu season? We like to call it eat too much sugar, too much stress, and not enough Vitamin D season. The cold and flu bugs aren’t stronger in the fall and winter months. It’s your immune system that’s weaker. Don’t fall into the common traps of this time of year. Instead give your immune system a boost with these tips to stay healthy for fall.

9 Healthy Fall Tips for Skipping the Flu Season

1 – Say “No,” to the Shot

Pharmaceutical companies are starting their push to sell their flu shots and you will hear a lot of misinformation regarding the flu vaccine this time of year. The flu vaccines are not very effective and in 2018-2019 the overall vaccine effectiveness was around 29%. (1) What’s worse is they can actually weaken your immune system and cause allergies. Check out our 5 Research-based Reasons for Avoiding the Flu Shot if you still need more convincing.

2 – Get Your Vitamin D

Once it starts to get chilly you might want to retreat inside but it’s time to get outside to make sure you are soaking up some of that important Vitamin D. Your body actually makes this important hormone that regulates 1000 genes. It does a lot in your body! Vitamin D has been shown to impact the body’s production of cytokines and lymphocytes, which are your body’s fighter cells. (2) In fact, having low levels of Vitamin D has been shown to result in more upper respiratory tract infections. (3) It’s very hard to get all the Vitamin D your body needs from food alone and your body can only make Vitamin D if it’s getting enough sun. Get outside every day and consider taking a quality Vitamin D supplement.

3 – Time for Farmer’s Markets and Healthy Soups

Fall is harvest season and it’s a great time to visit your local farmer’s market. Get out and enjoy the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in season this year. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants that will keep you healthy during cold and flu season. When you buy fruits and vegetables locally, they are also more nutritious because they don’t travel as far to get to you. It will make it easier to get those 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Remember to eat more vegetables than fruits! Use what’s available at your farmer’s market to inspire your cooking.

4 – Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory foods can wreak havoc on your microbiome and an unhealthy gut can keep you from absorbing all the nutrients from your healthy foods. Avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, dairy, soy and processed foods that can contribute to chronic inflammation and gut problems. If you haven’t gotten your food allergies tested, make sure to add that to your to-do list! Foods that are healthy for some people can cause inflammation in those allergic to them.

5 – Upgrade Your Sugary Sweets and Drinks

Giving up inflammatory foods like sugar can sound daunting. Don’t let it bring you down! In our Fab Fall article, we have lots of tips for avoiding unhealthy sugar and ways to upgrade some of your seasonal favorites. You won’t even realize you’re eating healthy!  Giving up processed sugar will be difficult to sustain if you don’t find ways to treat yourself. Remember being healthy is about lifestyle and should make your life better. It won’t feel that way if you are just cutting sweets out.

6 – Stay Active and Recharge Your Exercise Routine

When the weather changes and life gets busy, it might be easy to fall off your exercise routine. Or you might just swap your outdoor activities for more screen time. Don’t let that happen! Staying active will keep you healthy. Have a plan to switch up your exercise routine for fall and keep it fun. Make extra time for hikes in the woods to see the fall colors change.

7 – Boost Your Immune System with Mushrooms

Mushrooms aren’t just food. Medicinal mushrooms have great immune boosting qualities that can help your body fight off colds and the flu. We are just beginning to scratch the surface with our understanding of the potential of medicinal mushrooms. One of the recently identified components that make medicinal mushrooms effective are health promoting and immunomodulating polysaccharides, especially beta- glucans. These are complex sugars, found in the wall of the mushroom, that immensely boost our immune system and immune response. (4) Find a quality mushroom complex to get the benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

8 – Put Regular Chiropractic Appointments on Your Schedule

Did you know that regular chiropractic adjustments can boost your immune system by 200%? That’s what a 1975 study by Dr. Ronald Pero showed. (5) A chiropractic adjustment will remove stresses to the nervous system, stimulate the nervous system, and increase your immune response. Make regular chiropractic appointments a part of your healthy routine.

9 – Lower Your Stress to Fight the Flu

This time of year gets very busy with back to school and then the holidays coming up fast. Not to mention the regular day-to-day stress that comes with our modern lifestyles. If your body is fighting stress it can’t fight off the bugs that are going around this time of year. Take time for yourself and find ways to keep your stress to a minimum. We have you covered if you need help finding ways to reduce stress.

Stay Healthy and Skip the Flu Season

It’s easy to get caught up in the fall season and forget to take care of ourselves. Remove stressors and support your body by following these easy healthy fall tips. It’s time to replace flu season with fun season. If you do find yourself coming down with something check out our tips for getting better fast. We don’t want the cold or flu to slow you down. There are pumpkin patches to visit and fall colors to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the fun!


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